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    32 Genius Products That Made Me Scream, “Don’t Care How, I Want It Now”

    They're all, like, really cool.

    1. A pack of hair-grabbing tools that'll help you snatch up those matted strands that are clogging your pipes, so you won't have to enlist the help of a plumber. Reviewers say they're equal parts satisfying and disgusting to use.

    A drain-snaking tool in a sink

    2. A handy tea bag tool that'll keep your drink hot while it's steeping. It'll also help you wring out and hold your tea bag after your drink is finished brewing, so it's not just a one-trick pony.

    3. A tube of Below the Belt cream that'll keep your junk smelling like a woodsy floral bouquet, instead of, well, junk. It'll also keep your nether region fresh, dry, and comfortable, so you may be doing less "adjusting" over the course of your day.

    Three tubes of Below the Belt cream in various scents

    4. An illuminated collar charm for your dog that'll keep them visible when the sun goes down. It's weather resistant, so you don't have to worry about it fizzling out in the middle of a rainstorm.

    A golden retriever with the collar charm attached to its harness

    5. A glittery case for your Nintendo Switch Lite that looks stylish as heck and will keep your most-treasured gadget from getting beat up. It comes with a tempered glass screen protector that'll keep your Switch safe from scratches, too.

    A person holding their Switch Lite with the protective case on it

    6. A colour-changing night light that'll softly illuminate your space, so you'll never walk into a wall while trying to get from your bed to the bathroom again. It automatically turns off when it's light out, saving you a few cents on your hydro bill.

    The nightlight plugged into a bedroom wall in front of a bed

    7. A pair of text-friendly gloves that'll keep your hands warm during outdoor adventures, while still allowing you to message your group chat. Now you won't have to wait until you're home to join in on the gossip.

    A pair of texting gloves laid out

    8. A metallic electric lighter that'll ignite your candles, BBQ, and stove burners without an actual flame. It's resistant to wind and rain, making it a true life-saver for camping trips.

    The lighter charging in a computer's USB port

    9. A stovetop splatter guard that'll block your cooktop and backsplash when you're deep-frying veggies or whipping up bacon, so they won’t get covered with spattering oil. It has a nonstick coating, making it a breeze to wipe down after cooking.

    A pan of bacon surrounded by the splatter guard

    10. A compact deodorant ball that’s a lot more convenient to carry with you than a full stick of deodorant. Reviewers say it's great for travelling and that the ball-shaped container makes the product easy to apply.

    A ball of deodorant in a bouquet of roses

    11. And a deodorant-removing sponge, in case you accidentally get white marks on your clothes when you're getting ready in a hurry. Reviewers say say that it’s also great for removing laundry detergent residue.

    A deodorant-removing sponge next to a black shirt and a stick of deodorant

    12. A portable drink holder that you can clip to almost anything, saving you from spilling your beverages. Reviewers say it's amazing for morning commutes and public transit journeys. You can even clip it to your bike!

    13. A pack of assorted bow scrunchies that come pre-tied and will pretty up any ponytail. They're made of soft satin, so you won't have to worry about them tugging on your tresses.

    A person with a bow scrunchie in their hair

    14. An under-the-table exercise bike, so that you can write your work emails and break a sweat at the same time. It's a lot smaller than a traditional exercise bike, making it easier to store.

    A person working on their laptop and using the exercise bike at the same time

    15. A petite airtight container that'll keep your guacamole fresh for days, so you don't waste a perfectly good batch of chip dip. Kiss the days of brown avos buh-byeeee.

    The airtight container filled with guacamole

    16. A heat-up compression eye mask that'll massage your face, making it great for headaches and eye strain. It has built-in Bluetooth speakers that'll help you block out the outside world, so you can really chill out.

    Two people wearing compression eye masks

    17. A jewelry-cleaning brush that'll keep your trinkets and treasures from getting dull and dingey. Reviewers say the brush tip makes it super easy to get all up the tiny crevices of your baubles.

    18. A protective mask from Under Armour that's designed to keep you protected while you're pumping iron. It's made of anti-microbial, water-resistant fabric and has built-in sun protection, so you can sprint outside without getting burned.

    19. A pack of almost-invisible Hero Cosmetics acne patches that'll suck the juice right out of your pimples, helping them heal faster. They'll also block you from picking at your zits, so you won't be stuck with scars after a breakout.

    20. A pair of skidproof laptop feet that'll magnetize to the bottom of your laptop and keep it propped up on an angle, so it won't overheat. Reviewers say they're great for generating airflow and can double as fidget toys, too.

    21. A lightweight Shark steam mop that'll blast through gross build up on your floors, without the use of harmful chemicals. Reviewers say it's lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you can really get into all of your home's nooks and crannies.

    A steam mop above a steam mop pad on a hardwood floors

    22. A makeup brush drying rack that you can use to air out your beauty tools and keep your vanity free of clutter. Reviewers love that it saves them from flipping their brushes a hundred times to get every bristle dry.

    A drying rack filled with makeup brushes

    23. A Xbox mobile mount clip that'll snap your phone to your controller and transform it into a handheld gaming console. Now you can play all of your apps with ease, and probably beat your high scores, too.

    A phone snapped onto an Xbox controller

    24. A collapsible lunch box that won't take up nearly as much cupcoard real estate as your regular containers. It comes with a double-sided fork and spoon tool that clips right into the lid, so you won't even need to pack your own silverware.

    25. A container of gel cleaning putty that you can use to peel the dirt off your computer keyboard, air vents, and pretty much everything else you own. It feels like slime, so it's super fun to play with, too.

    A person using the cleaning putty to peel dust off their car vents

    26. A stylish metallic bracelet that's also holder for hair ties. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave an indent in their wrists like elastics do on their own.

    A gold bracelet with a hair tie inside of it

    27. A migraine tracker that'll help you better understand your throbbin' noggin. It has designated sections where you can jot down the lengths of your headaches, their locations, severity, triggers, and the treatments you followed up with.

    28. A heat-resistant silicone mat that doubles as a travel pouch for your heat tools. Reviewers say it's saved their countertops and that it keeps their straighteners and curlers from rolling around.

    29. A flexible multipurpose squeegee that can clean both wet and dry messes. It'll save you tons of sponges and paper towels, and doesn't cost much more.

    30. A travel laundry bag that folds up super small and can be attached to any bag or backpack. You can also use it to separate your clean clothes from the dirty stuff in your bag when you're camping or travelling.

    31. A microwave popcorn bowl that requires zero oil, so all you need are the kernels to get the job done. Reviewers love how they no longer create extra waste with popcorn bags and say that it's a cinch to clean.

    A person putting the popcorn bowl in a microwave

    32. And finally, a retractable travel lint roller that'll help you defuzz and defluff on the go. Reviewers say it's ultra sticky and effective, and doesn't eat up too much space in their bags (it's about as small as a highlighter).

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