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21 Of The Weirdest News Stories From New Jersey In 2015

The media in NJ had a goddamn field day this year.

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1. A guy named Thomas Bacon attacked someone for taking the last piece of sausage in his house at 3:30 a.m.

2. Four men were arrested for stealing a trailer full of pasta products from Bayonne.

3. A town raised $15,000 to send a bear that walks around on two legs to a wildlife sanctuary.

4. A man claimed to have snapped a picture of the real New Jersey Devil while driving home from his job in Atlantic City.

5. Police asked the intended recipient of 50 lbs. of marijuana to come claim their package at headquarters after it was sent to the wrong address.

6. People stuck in traffic turned the Turnpike into a beach.

7. A man tried to send turtles to exotic pet collectors by packaging them inside tube socks.

Thinkstock / Via

8. A "burglar" accidentally butt-dialed 911 while discussing the details of the crime with his accomplice.

Somerset County Prosecutor's Office

9. A man stole a woman's car with the vanity plate JSRYGIRL after their OKCupid date.

Waterford Township Police Department / Via

10. A snow plow fell into a sinkhole in Lopatcong Township.

11. A single-engine plane full of skydiving students made an emergency landing on the median of the Garden State Parkway.

12. Agnes Fenton of Englewood, NJ credits drinking three Miller High Lifes and a shot a whiskey a day for her longevity — all 110 years of it.

Amy Newman / North Jersey /Landov

13. A man was arrested for wiping a summons between his butt cheeks and throwing it at an officer.

14. Newark man caught trying to rob the same bank twice in two days.

Newark Police

15. Man allegedly pretended to be fake, blind twin to get out of traffic tickets.

Rochelle Park Police Department / Via Facebook: rochelle.park.52

16. A young man from Ridgewood, NJ is suspected of allegedly smearing shit on walls of local businesses.

Sudowoodo / Getty Images

17. Adorable bear cubs struggle with a hammock — just like us humans.

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18. Other adorable bears escape the summer heat at the local pool — just like us humans.

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19. Jon Gosselin, from Jon and Kate Plus Eight, DJed at a bowling alley and only one person danced.

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20. An employee at a pork roll company was allegedly fired for farting too often.

Mackoflower / Getty Images

21. A New Jersey man caught a fish with human teeth while fishing in a local lake.

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