Alexandra Esposito

Alexandra Esposito I've been stung by a jellyfish twice.
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    • Alexandra Esposito

      I wasn’t actively trying to quit, it kind of just happened four years ago. I found this dark brown nail polish that looked really chic on, so I started using it all the time. Because my nails were always painted, I stopped biting them, and they got really long. Since they were nice and long, I started getting regular manicures (this will keep your cuticles nice, so you’ll want to stop biting those too.) Disclaimer: if my nails ever start to chip really bad, I’ll start picking off the polish, which is really bad for your nails because it can cause them to peel. Also, if I’m really stressed and don’t have any polish on, I sometimes bite them. Maintenance is key. Keep them painted, or at least cleaned up with clear polish and you won’t want to bite.

    • Alexandra Esposito

      I was a chronic biter until 4 years ago. I wasn’t really trying to stop, it kind of just happened. I bought a bottle of dark brown nail polish that I loved. It made my nails look super chic, so I painted them this color all the time. Because I always had paint on, I wasn’t biting my nails and they got nice and long. To keep them up I started getting regular manicures. This keeps your cuticles healthy too, which will help you stop biting them as well. So just get your nails to a healthy place and once they start looking good you will not want to bite them! I will admit, when I don’t have polish on and I’m stressed, I do sometimes bite my nails. Also, if they start to chip really bad I will pick at them, which is also not good for them, so clearly the key is maintenance.

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