15 Hilariously Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

You really shouldn’t have.

1. Color for your hair down there.

Find it here.

2. Rubber duckie massager.

Make it yours here.

3. Uterus undies.

Order them here.

4. Pink bondage tape.

Buy it here.

5. Disney Princess lingerie.

Or is that creepy? Either way, you can get it here.

6. Not your elementary school’s finger paint (in a box!)

Available here.

7. Flirty boxers.

Get them here.

8. The now-we-can-do-it-anywhere blanket!

Mess free bump and grind available here.

9. This foxy lingerie set.

Find the cuteness here.

10. A sexy game.

Available here.

11. Naughty mac n’ cheese…

Available for nomsin here.

12. And this sexy chef costume.

Yours here.

13. Fuzzy love cuffs.

Buy them here.

14. Candy undies for him.

Find it here.

15. Then wrap it all up in this rather forward gift box.

Buy it here.

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