15 Springtime Reminders To Get You Through This Miserable Winter

We’ve survived two Polar Vortexes. One day it will all be worth it.

Right now, the outside world is a cold, grey place.

But there’s hope on the horizon. It’s a little thing called spring.

1. Think of cherry blossoms.

2. Get ready for tulips.

3. Don’t forget those fuzzy ducklings.

4. How about that good old Mr. Sun?

5. Remember when trees had leaves?

Neither do I.

6. Do butterflies still exist?

7. Strawberries will be in their prime.

8. Skies will be blue again.

And filled with happy clouds.

9. Baby bunnies? Yes, please.

10. Gone will be the days of puffy coats.

And see you never, mittens.

11. Dare I say…sandals???

If you can bare to look at your pale feet ever again.

12. The chirps of birds will fill your mornings.

13. Check out this little dose of happiness.

It can be that warm?

14. You’ll welcome the chance to go outdoors.

15. And when the wind blows it won’t even hurt.

So when the snow gets you down…

Remember one day, spring will prevail.

And don’t even get me started on summer.

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