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    30 Swoon-Worthy Engagement Party Ideas

    You got your ring, now let's pop the bubbly!

    1. Toast yourselves with a Champagne tower.

    2. This easy DIY photo table runner is a must.

    3. Dreaming of tulle? There's no need to wait until the ceremony.

    4. Own it with romantic personalized cookies.

    5. Delight guests with a (literal) cheese cake.

    6. In love with a short dress that isn't formal enough for your venue? The time to wear it is nigh!

    7. Let attendees reinvent your proposal story with a silly word game.

    8. Mark drinks with these fun labels.

    9. Can't decide on your big day dessert? Serve mini cakes in flavors you're considering and ask guests to vote for their favorite.

    10. Since your s.o. popped the question, it's only fitting to serve popcorn.

    11. Decorate with framed cameos of you and your boo, then save them to hang in your first home together.

    12. Pass out costume engagement rings as favors.

    13. Represent your favorite date food with an upscale, appetizer version.

    14. During the party, ask guests to submit song requests for the reception. Then curate the perfect playlist for your DJ.

    15. Eliminate ring envy with these powdered donut sparklers.

    16. Or this major ice.

    17. And this 5 carat caviar.

    18. Save on postage and use save the date swizzle sticks.

    19. Take personalization to the next level and use a customized couple stamp on invitations or place cards.

    20. Invite guests to write down their wedding planning stories or any advice they have to get you through those Bridezilla moments.

    21. Use pretty paper straws to give cocktails a little extra bling.

    22. Have married or engaged guests send pictures of their rings, then play a matching game at your party.

    23. Announce your wedding date with a timeline of your relationship.

    24. Decorate with these impossibly fun balloons.

    25. Ask guests to predict wedding-day details. The person who guesses the most right wins a special prize at the wedding for knowing the couple best/being psychic.

    26. Get the pets involved.

    27. Add licorice knots to the dessert lineup.

    28. Say yes to this simple, yet adorable, engagement mani.

    29. The first guests called up to the buffet should be the ones who have been married the longest.

    30. Give each guest an accessorized mini bottle of Champagne.