17 Reasons Why Chop’t Is King Of Salad

Don’t you dare say Just Salad to me.

1. The vast variety of leafy greens.

ProTip: Chop’t not only allows you to mix your lettuces, they encourage it.

2. The graceful choppers and their fearless use of razor-sharp mezzaluna knives.

3. Not to mention the shout-out-to-the-mezzaluna decor.

4. The complimentary fresh-grilled bread.

Do I want bread? Of course I want bread. Is that even a question?

5. The freshest of locally-sourced ingredients.

6. The friendliness to vegans.

And vegetarians, and the gluten-intolerant.

7. The ginger lemonade.

8. The seasonal specials.

Until we meet again, Puebla Cobb.

9. The chopped to perfection-ness.

Every bite’s a winner!

10. The dressing options for days.

11. The signature sea salt caramels.

A little something sweet that won’t cancel out the salad you just devoured.

12. The perfectly-wrapped salad burritos.

Watch your back, Chipotle.

13. The new mats used for every order.

Because I don’t want your nasty iceberg bits mixing in with my flawless kale.

14. The promise of free salad.

15. Chop’t cares.

Chop’t supports food and wellness causes through donations from salad proceeds.

16. Tyra Banks is “obsessed.”


17. You’re actually full after eating a Chop’t salad.

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