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27 Things That Must Have Been Designed By Geniuses

These products are AWESOME!

1. An Aquapaw licking pad that'll suction to your shower wall and provide some much-needed distraction while you *attempt* to give your pooch a bath. You can load it up with peanut butter or whatever other treat your pet loves.

2. Touch-up razors so you can safely remove unwanted peach fuzz + stray eyebrow and chin hairs. The blades are designed with built-in guards so they won't cut your skin, plus you'll receive an extra attachment for super precise eyebrow shaping.

3. Avarelle tea tree and calendula oil–infused pimple patches to clear up breakouts overnight by sucking out all the gunk and pus trapped underneath the skin. Gone are the days of freaking out over your latest blemish.

4. A Rubbermaid produce saver that'll lengthen the lifespan of your groceries by regulating the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide and preventing moisture build-up, slowing down the spoilage process. Now you'll actually get your money's worth of all those fruits and veggies you buy every week.

5. An ironing tool so you can get that perfect crease in your shirt sleeve each and every time. You'll be able to cut your ironing time in half and won't have to flip your shirt over to get the back of the sleeves.

6. Anti-vibration pads to place underneath your washer and dryer so you don't have to deal with that annoying mid-cycle rattle or machine scooting. These will absorb the shock, allowing for peace and quiet in your laundry room.

7. A lip balm sleeve that'll clip onto your keys so you never again lose a tube like the 867 that have already gone MIA. Now you'll always have one ready and within reach.

8. A shark fin floating chlorine dispenser, because what better way to scare the bejesus out of your family and friends? And take care of your pool at the same time!

9. An Aculief band that applies pressure to your LI4 acupressure point (one of the most powerful pressure points on your body). If targeted, it can provide relief from headaches and nausea.

10. A standing three-nozzle mister so you can get some sweet relief from the summer sun as you try your hardest to get a tan. You've been inside five days a week (thanks full-time job); you really just want some color!

11. And a gel cooling pad to keep your pet comfortable while they lounge next to you. The pad is pressure activated and can stay up to 10 degrees cooler than room temperature.

12. Anti-chafe bands, because having to deal with pain and irritation when you're just trying to look ~flawless~ is too darn annoying.

13. A PopWallet that combines the convenience of a wallet with the stability of a PopGrip. Now you can take that selfie on your way to meet your best friend without fear of your phone falling onto the subway tracks. Andddd you'll have your credit card handy for that late-night slice.

14. Magnetic twist ties so versatile, you'll use them all over the house. They can wrangle wire, close snack bags, hang keys, and collect pens. Whatever you use them for, the magnetic ends and silicone bands are so strong, they won't break.

15. A phone charging pad to help get rid of the literal wire jungle that exists on your kitchen counter. It's compatible with iPhones and Samsungs so all you need to do is place your phone down (WITH the case on).

16. Beer foaming stones that'll give canned and bottled brews a bubble boost. The added carbonation enhances your beer's flavor and aroma, while reducing acidity. AKA, your next backyard BBQ just got that much better since your beer will never get stale.

17. Noise-cancelling earplugs, because you're not as young as you used to be and VERY loud sounds hurt your ears. Face it — being at a concert where the music is too loud is uncomfortable. These will reduce the decibel level and come with three different bud sizes so you can find ones that actually stay in place.

18. An Elizavecca protein treatment for those that have gone a bit too bananas with hair styling tools or have spent a ton of time outside in the sun. It'll repair over-processed or damaged hair back to a luxurious shine.

19. A fire starter to bring along on any and every camping trip you go on because emergencies happen and you're trying to be as prepared as you can be. It also happens to be a map scale, a ruler, a hex wrench, a bottle opener, a whistle, and a saw blade.

20. A pet hair removal broom, because chances are you've got some pet fur CAKED into a rug in your home. Or all over your sofa. And this bad boy will collect that hair in just a matter of minutes. The built-in squeegee edge can also contain spills!

21. A headrest hook for your bag so it doesn't go flying when you're forced to stop short. It'll help de-clutter your car floor and it can tuck in when not in use.

22. Or a carabiner power bank that'll provide a place to hang your bag and can charge your phone up to two times! It's a great option to attach to a stroller or golf bag.

23. O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream, because dry skin on your hands can be painful! This magic cream can help relieve super raw and cracked skin by boosting moisture levels. It's also a great option for those with eczema.

24. Debrox earwax removal drops so you can safely flush out earwax and actually hear again. No more asking people to repeat themselves! The active ingredient of carbamide peroxide will loosen up whatever is clogging your ear, so you'll just need to rinse with water.

25. Maybelline Instant Rewind Treatment Concealer with a sponge applicator tip that'll treat dark circles and under-eye puffiness so you never have to deal with that one coworker who greets you with an "are you sick?" when you walk through the door. NO, Susan, I'm just tired.

26. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses so you can prevent that midday headache from staring at your computer screen for too long and add a ~trendy touch~ to your outfit. They can really improve the state of your eyes, helping with strain and dryness.

27. Mario Badescu facial sprays that'll hydrate, cool, and re-energize your complexion thanks to its formula of green tea, cucumber, and peppermint essential water. You can spritz some onto your face when your skin is feeling tight.

This is precisely how fast I'm spending my paycheck on these products:

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