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    42 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

    Love language: gift giving.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A Nintendo Switch to keep the competitive spirit between you two alive and well with some intense Mario Kart 8 Deluxe battles. Nothing says ~love~ like actively working to kick his butt and show him who's boss.

    2. A lightweight active jacket so he can look extra chic while getting in his morning workout. It's windproof and waterproof so even if he gets caught in some a.m. drizzle while out for his run, he'll stay dry and comfortable.

    3. Or! A running pant he can wear on a long-distance run or while on a long-distance flight. They're breathable, wrinkle-resistant, water-repellant, and super stretchy. AKA he'll never want to take them off.

    4. A beautiful briefcase that'll give off major business professional vibes as he walks into work each morning. You want him to be successful, of course, and with this briefcase he'll be able to tote around his laptop and best ideas in style.

    5. A touchscreen Fossil Exploits HR watch so he can keep track of his health while also receiving all the benefits of a smartwatch: notifications, apps, music, and alarm all on their wrist. He can use it to set calendar reminders, watch his heart rate, and count his steps.

    6. Or a more wallet-friendly Timex Easy Reader watch with an expandable band, because rocking a *timeless* timepiece is something every guy should do. It's a staple piece to add to their wardrobe and he'll get amazing use out of it.

    7. A super comfortable pair of Suavs sneakers to keep his feet ache-free while out and about all day. The knit body is very flexible, breathable, and easily packable. They are also designed for a wider foot so his toes won't be crushed by the end of the day.

    8. A vinyl record storage holder that'll hold his collection in a neat way so he has 'em all on-hand the next time you host people. The unit is shatterproof and won't warp under weight, so no matter how intense his music obsession is, this rack will hold everything.

    9. Personalized socks so you can show off your creative side and deliver the perfect pair he'll want to wear every single day. Whether you use an embarrassing photo of him, a stunning photo of yourself, or a photo of his precious fur baby is up to you.

    10. An all-weather boot he'll be able to wear on rough terrain, in the rain, snow, or mud. And let me just say, these will make his OOTD 10x better.

    11. An Oktoberfest ale beer kit that'll provide your beer-loving boy with all the ingredients necessary to brew. He can finally consider him the ultimate brew master, but warning – he'll probably ask you to taste every batch he makes.

    12. And a beer growler to bring along on brewery tours so he can get the most bang for his buck. Beer lovers rejoice, because this thing will keep opened beer fresh for days on end!

    13. Or a personalized whiskey barrel you both can use to age spirits just like professional distilleries. Any whiskey lover will have a field day with this thing.

    14. A meditation pillow that'll help him turn his meditation sessions into a more comfortable experience. His back won't ache so much since the pillow will relieve pressure on his spine and he can even use it as a yoga block, too.

    15. A modern moto jacket with a slim fit he can wear to your next romantic dinner. It'll polish off any outfit and will give him a more sophisticated option to layer over a button-down or sweater.

    16. A Tooletries Koby silicone bag so they can secure their toiletries and avoid the leaking shaving cream disaster that happened on your last getaway together, soiling half their clothes. It can be hung on the shower head so everything they need is within reach while showering.

    17. A beard shaping and trimming tool to make grooming time less stressful. It can aid in styling edges, includes a comb, and is transparent for full beard view.

    18. And! Honest Amish Classic Beard Oil, because you want him to have fully hydrated facial hair and thanks to some organic argan, jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oils, he can! Say goodbye to that dry and itchy beard that often irritates your face, too.

    19. A gift card to Ticketmaster so he can choose what band, sports game, or play you guys see on your next date night. Yes, you need to relinquish a little bit of control and trust his taste.

    20. A personalized AirPods case that'll attach to his backpack or keychain so his prized 'pods will always be close by.

    21. A Takeya cold brew maker, because constantly spending his money on iced coffee is probably draining his bank account. All he has to do is add 14–16 tablespoons of his favorite ground beans into the mesh filter, place the filter into the pitcher, add water, place in the fridge, and watch it brew overnight!

    22. And an Atlas coffee subscription to once again fuel his java addiction. Each month, Atlas will send him freshly roasted whole beans or grounds from around the world.

    23. A foot massager that'll help bring relief to his aching feet since chances are he's been up for way too long. It has six massage heads, three levels for height, and an easy access power button. He can keep it at home or bring it to his office. Need I say more??

    24. Or a back massager with six speeds, six nodes, and six modes. This device will provide a deep tissue massage to restore tired muscles. Yes, please!

    25. A Yeti lunch bag so he can actually look forward to his mid-day meal that won't be soggy or stale. With full insulation, it'll keep liquids hot or cold for hours

    26. Bose noise-cancelling headphones that are incredibly comfy, have great overall sound, and will be an item he can use for a very, very long time. Next time his coworker pulls out carrots for a snack, he can slide these over his ears.

    27. Mesh, non-slip running shoes to take his workouts to the next level. The heightened cushioning will keep his ankles supported even when running on pavement.

    28. A set of nonstick cookware so he can live out his dreams of becoming a master chef while binging MasterChef. Just make sure he cleans up whatever mess he creates in the kitchen.

    29. And a Spicewalla essentials spice kit that'll transform his meals in the best way possible. With 18 spices, he'll be able to season like a pro, making meals even tastier and therefore Seamless less attractive.

    30. A Book of the Month subscription to satisfy his bookworm side. He'll be able to discover new releases and authors *and* it'll help him narrow down the search for his next read.

    31. An Oculus Go if you're looking to get really immersive together. With this virtual reality headset, he can play horror games, go sky diving, or tour a space station together without even leaving the couch.

    32. Calvin Klein dress shoes that'll look incredibly sharp on him when paired with a well-fitted suit.

    33. A shawl collar sweater so he can prioritize both comfort and style. The relaxed fit will be provide just the right amount of warmth and *honestly* every guy deserves a super soft knit.

    34. A third-generation Echo that'll become his personal assistant and can remind him of to-do tasks, shopping lists, and appointments.

    35. A Kindle Paperwhite, because you want to give him access to over a million titles to make his little bookworm heart leap for joy. Plus when he clumsily spills his a.m. coffee over it, it won't combust.

    36. An Amazon Fire TV stick that'll provide him access to thousands of channels and apps, plus over 500,000 movies and TV episodes. So come Friday night when you're both wayyyy too tired to go out, you can enjoy a stress-free movie night together.

    37. And a universal attachment so he won't have to fumble between remotes (and inputs) when all he wants to do is watch reruns of The Office. It'll clip onto his Fire TV Stick remote and transform into the only one he needs.

    38. A durable rain jacket, because you argue on the reg that he always leaves the apartment without an umbrella even when the forecast shows rain. Now he'll have full coverage and look stylish at the same time.

    39. A gym bag that'll hold all the necessary items he needs for his a.m. or post-work sweat session. The entire thing features extra binding so it won't rip and a waterproof pocket + shoe compartment.

    40. A Sonos speaker so he can dive into a rich sound experience whenever he wants to listen to his favorite artists. It features voice control so he can play music, check news, set alarms, and ask questions while staying completely hands-free.

    41. A set of space socks to fulfill his childhood dream of landing on the moon. He gets a bit nauseous sitting in the backseat of a car, but that's neither here nor there.

    42. A Fossil leather wallet, because his current one is falling apart at the seams and he's being stubborn about getting a new one. This one will look perfectly worn, yet hold its shape and every single one of his credit cards.

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