19 Totally Underrated Places To Get Affordable Jewelry Online

From goth to glam, these websites have your style needs covered.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite places to get affordable jewelry. Here are the stylish results.

1. Miss A


This inexpensive shop has tons of Forever 21-quality jewelry for a DOLLAR.

Price range: EVERYTHING IS $1. Seriously.

—Taylor Nicole Smith, Facebook

2. Kitsch


They call themselves “the happiest place” for jewelry and hair accessories, and who can blame them? Everything on their site is colorful and bright.

Price range: $8.99 - $32.00

—Jesse Emerson, Facebook

3. Spiffing Jewelry


Spiffing has all the custom and geeky jewelry that your TV and movie-loving friends will be obsessed with.

Price range: $1.50 - $45.00


4. Dotoly


Dotoly has all of the animal-inspired jewelry you never knew you needed.

Price range: $1.99 - $32.50


5. Stargaze Jewelry


From Ariana Grande-inspired chokers to stackable rings galore, Stargaze has the cutest jewelry that you’ll gawk at for hours.

Price range: $5.00 - $33.99




BEUNIKI has plenty of precious, minimalist jewelry, from rings to watches to necklaces. Peep those Harry Potter rings.

Price range: $12.50 - $72.00


7. Paparazzi Accessories


With insanely low prices and crazy high quality, Paparazzi Accessories just wants to make you excited and look fabulous.

Price range: Everything is $5.00. Nice.


8. Amelia Stardust


Amelia chooses some insanely cute pieces, anywhere from galaxy necklaces to items with pop culture references.

Price range: $5.00 - $40.00


9. 16kt Beauty


This simply stunning company has timeless, bold-colored pieces for surprisingly low prices. And if you love pink, they’ve got tons of options to fill that space in your heart.

Price range: $5.00 - $29.00

—Saira Eve, Facebook

10. Cents Of Style


Cents Of Style aims to “empower women to lead bold and full lives,” and they believe if you look good, you feel good. They’re not wrong.

Price range: $5.95 - $24.95


11. Taudrey


Taudrey has handmade pieces at pretty damn affordable prices. Each piece is made by hand, and you can even personalize pieces if you so desire.

Price range: $18.00 - $80.00

—Danielle Alvarez, Facebook

12. Elisabeth Ashlie


Elisabeth Ashlie prides itself on its keen eye for “soft colors, clean lines, and mixed metals,” and have adorable, affordable pieces that are seriously unique.

Price range: $7.50 - $40.00


13. Beck and Boosh


Beck And Boosh is a Canadian-based company that ships all over the world, and features all sorts of jewelry, from handmade to hand-picked artisan statement pieces. Fancy!

Price range: $5.00 - $45.00

—Carolyn Nickelo, Facebook

14. Lovoda


The precious, precise jewelry Lovoda offers is so pretty and detailed, it’s almost hard to believe that they’re so affordable.

Price range: $1.99 - $100.00


15. Baublebar


Baublebar has the trendiest accessories and are constantly having sales, which is like music to any shopping lover’s ears. (OK, so the ~high end~ of this jewelry gets really pricey, but the rest is fabulously reasonable.)

Price range: $20.00 - $3,000.00


16. Lulu*s


From huge, flashy statement pieces to the simplest of jewels, you’ll be obsessed with everything Lulu*s has to offer.

Price range: $7.00 - $200.00


17. Fifth And Mae


From gems to jewels to gold chains, Fifth and Mae will make you psyched to wear all different kinds of jewelry.

Price range: $1.00 - $24.95


18. Shop Dixi


If you’re into more ~gothic~ styles of jewelry, Shop Dixi is your place. From moon rings to detailed chokers, you’ll fall in love instantly.

Price range: $0.75 - $95.00


19. Seaworthy


Seaworthy’s rings, bracelets, and necklaces are inspired by “textiles and architecture,” and all pieces are made by hand in Portland, Oregon.

Price range: $24.00 - $88.00


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