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19 Reasons Pizza Is Your One True Valentine

Take another little pizza my heart now, baby.

1. You'll never think pizza is too cheesy.

2. Don't want a pickup line? Then just go for delivery.

Domino's Pizza

Haha. Pizza puns! (Pizza wouldn't do this to you, but I will.)

3. Pizza will stick with you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4. Pizza already knows how you'd like your eggs in the morning: ON A PIZZA.

5. Pizza knows that there's only one appropriate time to use the word "lover."


6. Pizza just wants you to be happy.

7. Pizza is one hot dish that isn't afraid to be deep.

8. Pizza knows how to delight you.

Disney / Via

9. Pizza will spice up your life.

10. And really gets things cookin.'

11. Pizza isn't afraid to get personal.

12. Pizza would never use the word "bae."

13. Pizza will never propose to you in public with a flash mob.

14. Pizza is (probably) never filled with Roman nougat or toothpaste or barf or whatever else is in Valentine's chocolates.

15. Pizza doesn't mind if you want to wear your sweatpants and watch Netflix all day. It PREFERS it.

16. In fact, pizza lets you pick the movie for movie night EVERY TIME.

17. Pizza is ~hot~.

18. You love pizza.

19. And pizza loves you.

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