Does Paris Hilton Secretly Restore Vintage Radios In Her Spare Time?

    The truth is out there.

    The rumours about Paris Hilton's secret hobby first circulated several years ago.

    Then this tweet from Priscilla Page appears to have brought them back to the internet's radar.

    crazy how the best thing I've ever read on the internet is about Paris Hilton

    Over the years, there have been evidence posted online that suggest Paris Hilton secretly restores vintage radios in her spare time.

    The above is a Reddit comment from a TIL thread about the Hilton family. And this is a Reddit comment about the nicest celebrity anyone's ever met.

    Since this post was live, both of these Reddit posts were set to private.

    Twitter user Ross Doran found this message board post from 2006.

    @BBW_BFF @AndyRichter and this person may have seen her trying to get a HAM license in 2006!! omg

    As Doran pointed out, a year later there was a now-deleted post on another message board in which a user asks if Hilton got her "technician ticket during her last stint in the graybar hotel". The other users of the board shout the original poster down and suggest she's too stupid to have done so.

    If it seems an unlikely hobby for a woman commonly portrayed as an airhead, Page noted that Hilton has said in an interview that her dumb blonde routine was only an act:

    'I'd never been on camera in my life. I didn't really know what to do. The producers told Nicole and I, "Nicole you be the troublemaker and Paris you be the ditzy blonde rich girl". I tried to play the character of Cher from Clueless mixed with Eva Gabor from the Green Acres show – that character. I didn't realise I would end up doing the show for five years and doing that character for five years.'

    Perhaps more tenuously, Page also flagged this incident from 2014. What was she talking to this man about all night? Might it have been the technology he used back in the war?

    BuzzFeed News contacted Hilton's publicist to ask if she secretly restores vintage radios. A three-word reply came back:

    "She does not."

    So there's the answer.

    Unless you know differently.

    Perhaps you've seen Paris Hilton at a vintage radio show. Maybe you've bonded over transistor parts. You might have sold her a capacitor.

    If so, email


    This post has been updated to credit Ross Doran's detective work in finding the posts from 2006 / 7, Priscilla Page's in finding the Reddit threads, interview regarding Hilton's persona and meeting with a World War 2 veteran, and has flagged that some of the posts have now been deleted or set to private.