20 Fictional Homes You Wish You Could Live In

    Where the HELL is my remote-controlled skylight/underwater pineapple/computerized outfit-coordinating closet?!

    1. Arnold's boarding house in Hey Arnold!

    With that rad stoop and green front door.

    2. The house from Smart House

    3. Cher's mansion in Clueless

    (Most notably her bitchin' high-tech closet)

    4. The house on Archer Avenue in The Royal Tenenbaums

    5. The Spice Bus, from Spice World

    Name ONE other bus with a swing,

    Or a Lucite chess set.

    Or a straight-up runway.

    6. Clarissa's place (specifically her incredible vehicularly inspired room) in Clarissa Explains It All.

    7. Amélie's Montmartre apartment.

    8. The house from Up

    9. The Burrow, from Harry Potter

    Because everyone could use a Weasley clock.

    10. Jenny's (and Georgette's) mansion in Oliver and Company

    11. Any one of these sick pads from Spongebob Squarepants

    12. Jackie Treehorn's sleazy modernist house in The Big Lebowski

    13. The space station from Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century.


    14. Annie's London manor in The Parent Trap

    15. ...and Hallie's Napa mansion.

    (Complete with hot vineyard-owning dad)

    16. Villa Villekula from Pippi Longstocking

    17. Veronica Lodge's mansion in the Archie comics

    18. The treehouse from Swiss Family Robinson

    19. The incredible converted firehouse in The Princess Diaries

    20. Wallace and Gromit's charming abode.

    You'd never need to lift a finger again.