"Glenn Quagmire Is In His 60s" — 19 Genuinely Shocking Character Ages That'll Change How You Watch TV And Movies Forever

    "I had no idea The Beast was only 21 in the movie and I’m honestly shocked."

    In a post shared to r/movies, Reddit user u/Dan__Glesak asked about which movie characters are shockingly younger or older than most of us think. Here are some of the most-upvoted responses:

    1. "This morning I was rewatching Beauty and the Beast with my daughter and I haven’t seen it in probably 25 years. I had no idea The Beast was only 21 in the movie and I’m honestly shocked how young he is, especially now that I’m in my 30s."

    Animated character Beast from Beauty and the Beast wearing a red cape looking surprised

    2. "Darth Vader was only 45 when he died."

    Close-up of Darth Vader without his helmet, revealing scars and breathing apparatus

    3. "Harry Potter's parents were only 21 when they died."

    Two actors dressed as characters from Harry Potter, smiling and looking at each other

    4. "Mufasa is likely only six to eight years old."

    5. "Hans Moleman is 31 years old."

    Homer Simpson appears startled, clutching a chair for support, eyes wide

    6. "Ned Flanders is 60."

    Cartoon character Ned Flanders from "The Simpsons" gardening and holding a Bible

    7. "Orlando Bloom's character in the first Pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to be 19."

    Orlando Bloom as Will Turner in historical costume from the film

    8. "Jake Sully was twenty-two years old when he left Earth in James Cameron's Avatar. Twenty-two years old."

    Split image of a human male and two animated Avatar characters from the movie

    9. "Jasmine from Aladdin is 15 and Ariel from The Little Mermaid is 16."

    Ariel and Jasmine, animated characters, side by side. Ariel wears a seashell top, Jasmine in a blue outfit

    10. "I had always assumed Mario was in his mid-30s but according to Miyamoto, he's perpetually 24. I was 30 when I found this out so it was a bit of a blow to go from assuming I was at least five years younger to being six years older than him in an instant, it felt like I aged a decade overnight. There's a Mario movie now so it counts."

    Mario from Super Mario in a 3D animated style stands with hand on chest and a surprised expression

    11. "Michael Myers is only 21 in the original Halloween. I always assumed he was in his 40s."

    Michael Myers character from Halloween movie standing with a knife on a porch, a pumpkin nearby

    12. "Glenn Quagmire is in his 60s."

    Glenn Quagmire from Family Guy wearing a red Hawaiian shirt with yellow flowers

    13. "Julia Roberts as Julianne was freaking out in My Best Friend's Wedding because she was 27 and not married."

    Vivian (Julia Roberts) in an elegant evening gown speaking on a cell phone at a social event

    14. "Aragorn was 87 years old in Fellowship of the Ring."

    Man in medieval attire with a leaf clasp on his cloak, standing by a horse

    15. "Roger Murtaugh was only 50 when he said 'I'm too old for this sh*t' in Lethal Weapon 2."

    Man sleeping with head tilted, wearing a suit and red tie. Expresses exhaustion or rest

    16. "Father Merrin was meant to be 79 in The Exorcist. He was played by 43-year-old Max Von Sydow."

    Character dressed as a priest looking concerned while holding a book

    17. "Lieutenant Worf was 24 at the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation."

    Worf from Star Trek in uniform with a concerned expression

    18. "Snow White is 14. Yeah."

    Snow White smiles at a bird on her finger outside a cottage

    19. "In Goodfellas, Henry Hill is 21 years old when he meets his wife. She has a line wondering about ‘a 21-year-old kid with such connections’."

    Close-up of Ray Liotta with an intense expression

    Shout out to r/movies and u/Dan__Glesak for having this discussion.