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    "She Wrote A Note To My Boyfriend Saying I Was 'Too Fat' For Him" — 17 Times People Realised Their "Friend" Hated Them

    "She remarked, 'God, you're uptight. No wonder your husband left you.'"

    We recently put out a post about times people realised their so-called "friend" actually hated them.

    Some of your comments were so good, we thought we'd turn them into a post of their own! Here are some that had our jaws on the floor...

    1. "When I found a note she wrote to my then-boyfriend telling him he was better off without me because I was 'too fat' for him."

    "They dated for a short time after I broke it off. She then tried to rekindle the friendship, but that was just the last straw. I told her to stay away from me, and I'd stay away from her.

    And that's how it remained for around two years. I ended up getting an apartment with a mutual friend, with the understanding that Old Friend was not welcome in the apartment. Then, one day, I came home to find Old Friend in bed with my roommate's boyfriend. To say I was angry would be the understatement of the century."


    2. "When I found out he was only my friend because he wanted to sleep with me."

    "He wanted sex or a whole-ass relationship. That was six years wasted. He would get mad when I was with someone, but would date people himself. I was crushed, and I haven't had a new close bond with a guy friend since."


    3. "When I realized she was not only using me, but also stealing from me. Brittany, if you're reading this, I want my expensive camera and watch back, you lying b*tch."


    4. "When she had begun dating someone and started to dodge my calls."

    "I remember calling her and her boyfriend answered. I asked 'Is Joanne there?' and gave my name. Then, I heard whispering and snickering, and someone said 'no, no, no.' 

    Then, her boyfriend said 'Sorry. She’s not here.'

    I was heartbroken. We hadn't fought or anything. I just broke ties with her. So mean."


    5. "When I refused a second drink at dinner (because I had to drive home) and she remarked, 'God, you're uptight. No wonder your husband left you.'"


    6. "When they all went on a wine tour without me while our husbands were away on a week-long trip."

    "When I called them out on it, they told me I'd ruined their day."


    7. "He got evicted from his apartment, so I took time off work to help him move all his stuff to his parents' house. He told me he had a free pass to Universal Studios and was going to take me that Saturday as a thank you."

    "Friday comes and I haven't heard anything from him about what time we're going. I called and texted, but no response. Saturday morning comes, and I call and text multiple times, but still no response. After lunch, I go on Facebook and see a friend of ours posting pics from Universal Studios with him and a few others.

    The next day, he finally responded and told me that he knew I didn't like one of the people going, so he thought it was best for me not to go. He didn't want me to ruin a fun day for everyone else. I realised our friendship was solely based on what I could do for him. I stopped talking to him after that!" 


    8. "My bestie of 18 years lied to me and didn't invite me to her 30th birthday celebration."

    "When I asked her what was going on, she sent me a five-paragraph email complaining that I 'wasn't excited about her pregnancy' and saying that I wasn't a good friend. It came out of nowhere — I always talked about her pregnancy with her, so I was really confused.

    To this day, I don't understand what I did wrong. She apologised a few years later and we try to see each other once in a while, but it's just not the same."


    9. "My 'friend' told me that starting my own business was a bad idea because I didn't have 'what it takes'."

    "She constantly criticised my writing, told me that I couldn't run a booth at a club fair (but left me to run the whole club she was president of), and would only answer my messages when she needed a favor. 

    I should have ended things years before I did, but she had a way of manipulating me into staying close friends. I broke down to a mutual friend even though I was terrified that she would reject me too, but it turns out that friend was being treating in same way by her, too.

    I left the friendship with a letter, because I knew she would manipulate me into staying if I told her in person on the phone."


    10. "We stopped speaking because she was adamant about becoming friends with my ex."

    "During the time we weren't speaking, she dated and got pregnant by a guy I used to date."


    11. "When she showed up two hours late to work and I asked if she was ok, she responded with, 'I'm a very private person'. She had been the witness at my three-guest wedding."


    12. "My friend got pissed because I didn't wave and say hi to her then-boyfriend when I walked by him."

    "I didn't say 'hi' because earlier that morning, she'd told me he'd been arrested because they'd gotten into a fight. 

    She told me she was going to text my husband and tell him I sent nudes to a neighbor (not true at all) and that she hoped he would leave my ugly, fat ass."


    13. "When I texted him to keep an eye on our friend whose dad was dying of cancer, because he lived in the same town as him. He texted back, 'f*ck off'."

    "We're no longer friends after 25 years."


    14. "I invited two close friends to my bachelorette party, but neither showed up. They were invited to the wedding, but they didn’t show."

    "Bear in mind that it was a two-hour journey for everyone else, but it was only 20 minutes from where the friends who didn't turn up lived."


    15. "My friend of 24 years has an annual BBQ where we all get together and catch up. This year, a mutual friend asked what time I'd be going… I had no idea, as I hadn't been invited."

    "I even casually mentioned it to them beforehand, just to give them the opportunity to put things right. Nope. Straight up left out."



    16. "My fiancée passed away. I was only talking to a few people about it every day, and I thanked them a lot for their support."

    "One friend didn't come to the funeral at all. In fact, they didn't reach out until I left the country to grieve and go backpacking through a beautiful country in Central America.

    I had been down there for several days and she randomly started messaging me, talking about how much she misses her brother who died several years ago. I finally told her that I couldn't deal with other people's issues right now. She said, 'Well I just thought we could help each other. I guess I was wrong.'"


    17. "I turned up late to dinner because I'd been stuck with a problem, and she told me she didn't even notice I wasn't there."

    "She never asked what the problem was, and it was literally just the two of us having dinner that night. There were other things she did, looking back, but that was when it hit me."


    Have you had a moment when you realised your friend was completely fake? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.