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31 Celebrity Sightings At Occupy Protests

Here are 31 famous people we've seen so far who have stopped by #OccupyWallStreet to show their support. Obviously Geraldo's visit doesn't count, but it looks like John Cusack's down there with his smart phone. Send us a pic of yourself, John!

1. Katy Perry

2. Naomi Wolf

3. Don King


“It’s Americana to me,” said King.

4. Talib Kweli

5. Susan Sarandon

6. Mike Myers

7. Tim Robbins


"This is what an actual grassroots movement looks like ... It's a bit sloppy and disorganized but full of passion."

8. Rachel McAdams


Occupy Bay Street in St. James Park, Toronto.

9. Kanye West

10. Al Sharpton

11. Justine Bateman

12. Michael Moore

13. Russell Simmons

14. Cornel West

15. Alec Baldwin

16. Mark Ruffalo

17. Jeffrey Ross


Roasting Occupy L.A.

18. Penn Badgley

19. Russell Brand

20. Tom Morello

21. Lupe Fiasco

22. Rufus Wainwright

23. Sean Lennon

24. Danny Glover


25. Pete Seeger

26. Roseanne Barr

27. Banksy


He contributed this sculpture to Occupy London outside St. Paul's Cathedral.

28. Jeff Mangum

29. 98 Degrees' Justin Jeffre


Arrested in Cincinnati's Fountain Square.

30. Deepak Chopra

31. Perry Farrell

Via Twitter: @!/perryfarrell/status/128853007101210624

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