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    Just 24 Cute Puzzles I Think You'll Love

    Cute puzzles are more fun to put together, I swear.

    1. A Golden Girls 500-piece one you may ~travel down the road and back again~ while trying to finish because all of their hair looks exactly the same.

    2. A ramen bowl puzzle you'll have a ~doggone~ good time putting together.

    3. A cat zodiac puzzle that will be the ~purrr-fect~ way to spend a Friday night — along with trying to figure out your cat's rising and moon sign.

    4. An outdoor 1,000-piece puzzle things may get ~in-tents~ putting togther but when you're done, you're definitely going to want to do ~s'more~.

    5. A 1,000-piece puppy party one that if you find too challenging you can turn the pieces over and you'll find a letter which will help you figure out the area it goes to.

    6. An All Are Welcome style designed to celebrate diversity and remind you that there is good in the world.

    7. A 500-piece gradient puzzle that may look simple, but putting it together is anything but. Be ready for a challenge with this one!

    8. A 1,000-piece style that when anyone asks if you want to join a video call with more than 20 people you can say, "Sorry, I'm ~booked~".

    9. A gin lovers' puzzle anyone who loves the alcohol will think is ~gin-credible~ because once it's complete, they'll be able to read the comprehensive chart of drinks, botanicals, spices, and fun facts.

    10. A unicorn reading one anyone will have a ~magical~ time working on.

    11. A succulent puzzle that won't ~succ~ to finish because when it's done you get to learn about all different kinds of succulents.

    12. A Love Lives Here one with such a fun design, it may inspire you to redo your home in the same style.

    13. A kitchen smells three-set puzzle designed to be completed in 20 minutes or less, making them perfect if you've got a pie in the oven and need to kill a little time...

    14. An infinite bloom puzzle you may want to send to your ~buds~ when you're done so they can try their hand at this challenge as well.

    15. The "World's Most Difficult" puzzle that's so challenging, because it's double-sided with the same image — but one is turned 90 degrees. You may throw a ~fit~ trying to finish it.

    16. A Dusen Dusen pattern puzzle that's only 100 pieces, which is perfect for beginners and people who think they're not exactly "puzzle people" yet...

    17. A UFO Victorian Ladies puzzle with such an ~out of this world~ mashup, you'll find yourself ~royally~ having a good time.

    18. A circular dots style you may have ~a-round~ for quite a while, because it's more challenging than a traditional square or rectangle one.

    19. A double-sided puzzle with two different floral patterns on either side, which means you get two puzzles for the price of one.

    20. A tree-dwelling 500-piece puzzle you'll for sure spend some ~koala-ty~ time with and enjoy every second of it.

    21. A 500-piece one that'll really ~pop~ because it's based on Andy Warhol's flowers.

    22. A bookshelf style with fun titles that may make you chuckle as you work on it. (Yes, I'm looking at you "Book I Never Finished"!)

    23. A fruit lady puzzle, because everyone who sees it on your Instagram story will go ~bananas~ for it and want to get their own.

    24. And a 300-piece one filled with fun neon signs you'll give ~glowing~ reviews about.

    That feeling when you finally finish a really hard puzzle:

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