22 Pictures That Just May Cause You To Like Gwyneth Paltrow Again

She’s not that bad! (At least, in these pictures.)

1. This photo of Gwyneth and her mother, Blythe Danner.

Ron Galella / WireImage
ID: 1239155

2. This photo of Gwyneth and Jack Black at TRL.

Scott Gries / Getty Images
ID: 1238688

3. This photo with her Iron Man co-star, Robert Downey Jr.

Sean Gallup / Getty Images
ID: 1238814

4. This photo of Beyoncé and Gwyneth giggling.

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images
ID: 1238746

5. This photo of Gwyneth as Taylor Swift on SNL.

NBC / Saturday Night Live
ID: 1239141

6. This photo of Gwyneth shopping with Christina Applegate.

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 1238794

7. This photo of Gwyneth saying, “Ew, Ben Affleck!”

Brenda Chase / Getty Images
ID: 1238043

8. This photo of Gwyneth as a teenager.

ID: 1233315

9. This photo of Gwyneth going, “Eyyyy!”

Bruno Vincent / Getty Images
ID: 1238725

10. This picture of Gwyneth cupping a dude’s goods.

ID: 1238915

11. Gwyneth’s face upon seeing Joaquin Phoenix in his “crazy” stage.

Michael Lossicano / Getty Images
ID: 1239078

12. This photo of Gwyneth learning how to ride a motorcycle for the first time.

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 1238772

13. This photo of Gwyneth and Diane Sawyer getting soaked by the rain.

Peter Kramer / Getty Images
ID: 1238715

14. This picture of Gwyneth in her high school yearbook.

(Someone must not have been very nice to their high school yearbook editor…)

ID: 1238874

15. This photo of Gwyneth drinking a brewski.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images
ID: 1238730

16. This photo of Gwyneth on Late Night.

NBC Universal
ID: 1239121

17. This picture of Gwyneth wearing this silly hat.

ID: 1239094

18. This photo of Gwyneth with Jane Fonda.

ID: 1239116

19. This photo of Gwyneth chatting on a crappy, outdated cell phone.

FameFlynet Pictures
ID: 1238946

20. This shot of Gwyneth as MARGOT effing TENENBAUM.

ID: 1238910

21. This photo of Gwyneth in face paint.

ID: 1239083

22. And finally: Everything about this photo.

Admit it: You like her just a little, don’t you?

ID: 1238990

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