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    Here’s What 30 Celebs Look Like 50 Years Ago Vs. Now

    Icons only! 📸

    For a lot of celebs, it's challenging to get a career in Hollywood off the ground, and it's even harder to keep it going.

    However, some true icons built careers that have kept them in the spotlight for over fifty years.

    Here's what 30 celebs looked liked 50 years ago vs. now:

    1. Here's Betty White announcing for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1971:

    Betty is narrating the parade for the TV audience

    And here she is cuddling a pig in 2021:

    2. Here's Dionne Warwick performing on The Glen Campbell Show in 1971:

    singer dionne warwick

    And here she is at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021:


    3. Here's Goldie Hawn at the Academy Awards in 1971:

    "Overboard" actor

    And here she is posing with her new puppy in 2021:

    4. Here's Harrison Ford in a 1971 episode of Dan August:

    And here he is giving a speech about climate change in 2021:

    "Star Wars" actor

    5. Here's Sylvester Stallone on the set of Bananas in 1971:

    Sly leans against the trailer

    And here he is at the premiere of The Suicide Squad in 2021:

    "Rocky" actor:

    6. Here's Al Pacino in The Panic in Needle Park in 1971:

    Bobby yells in the park

    And here he is on the set of The House of Gucci in 2021:

    "Scarface" actor

    7. Here's Sir Ian McKellen during a televised performance of The Tragedy of King Richard II in 1971:

    he sits on a throne

    And here he is during a performance of Hamlet in 2021:

    "The Lord of the Rings" actor

    8. Here's Morgan Freeman on the children's show The Electric Company in 1971:

    he sings with the rest of the group

    And here he is at the virtual Critics Choice Awards in 2021:

    "The Shawshank Redemption" actor

    9. Here's Susan Sarandon in A World Apart in 1971:

    she talks to another castmember

    And here she is at a 30th anniversary celebration for Thelma and Louise in 2021:

    "Stepmpm" actor

    10. Here's Jackie Chan in Snake Fist Fighter in 1971:

    he swings a wooden pole at a rival

    And here he is at the Weibo Movie Awards in 2021:

    "Bleeding Steel" actor

    11. Here's Dame Maggie Smith at the airport in 1971:

    Maggie holds two children by the hand

    And here she is at Wimbledon in 2021:

    "Harry Potter" actor

    12. Here's Julie Andrews at the grand opening of Walt Disney World in 1971:

    Julie stands on Main Street USA

    And here she is at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2021:

    "Mary Poppins" actor

    13. Here's Robert De Niro in The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight in 1971:

    he played Mario

    And here he is at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2021:

    "Taxi Driver" actor

    14. Here's Warren Beatty at the premiere of Go-Between in 1971:

    "Bonnie and Clyde" actor

    And here he is at the Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures Opening Gala in 2021:

    "Love Affair" actor

    15. Here's Arnold Schwarzenegger at the bodybuilding contest Mr. Olympia in 1971:

    Arnold flexes and poses

    And here he is speaking at the Digital X event in 2021:

    "Terminator" actor

    16. Here's Carly Simon posing for a photograph in 1971:


    And here she is posing for an Instagram picture in 2021:

    17. Here's Mark Hamill on an episode of The Partridge Family in 1971:

    his character encourages Laurie to sing after she gets braces

    And here he is during a remote appearance on The Tonight Show in 2021:

    "Star Wars" actor

    18. Here's Sophia Loren at the airport in 1971:

    "Two Women" actor

    And here she is at the Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures Opening Gala in 2021:

    "The Life Ahead" actor

    19. Here's Barbra Streisand accepting her Golden Globe in 1971:

    "Funny Girl" actor

    And here she is in an interview with Zane Lowe in 2021:


    20. Here's Jane Fonda accepting her Academy Award in 1971:

    "Klute" actor

    And here she is at the Golden Globes in 2021:

    "Book Club" actor

    21. Here's James Earl Jones on NBC Children's Theatre in 1971:

    voice of Darth Vader

    And here he is in Coming 2 America in 2021:

    the king informs his son that he has a son of his own

    22. Here's Lily Tomlin's studio portrait from 1971:


    And here she is on Grace and Frankie Season 7 in 2021:

    23. Here's Sidney Poitier in The Path of the Damned in 1971:

    he rides a horse

    And here he is celebrating his birthday with his daughter Sydney Poitier Heartsong in 2021:

    24. Here's Sally Field in Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring in 1971:

    "Forrest Gump" actor

    And here she is speaking at a virtual event for Guilford College in 2021:

    "In Pieces" author

    25. Here's Blythe Danner at the stage door outside a production of Follies in 1971:

    "I'll See You In My Dreams" actor

    And here she is with her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow in 2021:

    26. Here's Diane Keaton on the set of Play it Again, Sam in 1971:

    Linda listens to Sam play his guitar

    And here she is in a Gucci ad in 2021:

    "Annie Hall" actor

    27. Here's Richard Roundtree starring in Shaft in 1971:

    Shaft crouches behind a sports car

    And here he is on an episode of Family Reunion Season 2 in 2021:

    Grandpa talks to Grandma on the phone

    28. Here's Vanessa Redgrave on the set of Mary, Queen of Scots in 1971:

    dressed as the queen, Vanessa waits by the camera

    And here she is in Finding You in 2021:

    Cathleen talks to the younger women

    29. Here's Paul McCartney accepting a Grammy on the Beatles' behalf in 1971:

    member of the Beatles

    And here he is at a Brandi Carlile concert in 2021:

    member of the Beatles

    30. And finally, here's Cher performing during The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour in 1971:


    And here she is at the Academy Museum Of Motion Pictures Opening Gala in 2021: