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    • rachelf4cfd9b24b

      Two of my worst experiences were during my freshman year of high school. My mom’s family has a history of heavy and irregular periods (my mom would get hers every 2 weeks until her hysterectomy).
      Experience 1:
      I was in biology class, and at the end of the period, I thought I had gotten my period that day and was going to go to the bathroom. I stood up and saw my chair, which had a big blood stain on it! Luckily the chairs were dark blue, but I still had to wipe it up quickly, as I start crying pretty hysterically. Also, fortunately, I had dark pants on, but I was still so embarrassed! I still had to go to the next class to go to the nurse, though. The biology classroom was right by the nurse’s office, and the next class was pretty far away. So I tried to have my friend walk behind me so no one could see my pants. I make it to the next class and blubber to the teacher that I need to go to the nurse. Scenario 2:
      My class was taking a field trip to our county jail (fun, right? Coincidentally, the biology teacher from scenario 1 would be there the next year). Anyway, we couldn’t bring in any bags or anything. About 15 minutes into the approximately 2 hour long trip I notice I’d gotten my period. We also weren’t allowed to go to the bathroom while we were there. I couldn’t focus for most of the trip because I kept trying to pull my shirt down over my pants. Finally, as the dreaded field trip ended and we returned to the school, I told my teacher as I cried that I was going to the nurse, and I went home. I just have bad luck, I think.

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