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What's Your Worst Period Horror Story?

Let it flow.

Warner Bros. / Via

Ah, menstruation.

It's like your ovaries are on some kind of power trip.

So long as you come prepared, no one gets hurt.

Sony BMG / Via

Chocolate, red wine, electric blanket: check, check, check.

But sometimes it all goes horribly, horribly wrong.


Aunt Flo arrives at the most inopportune moment.

Columbia Pictures / Via

A stain on a first date. A sudden uh-oh rush during a hook-up. A leak you can't hide while giving a major presentation. BLOODY MURDER EVERYWHERE WHILE INTERVIEWING FOR A JOB. Dig deep, ladies. You've suppressed these embarrassing memories for too long.

You dared to wear white. You reckless fool!


The crimson wave flows too strong, too sudden, in all the wrong places.

Disney / Via

That's what we want to hear about.

Share your goriest war stories in the comments section.

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