Why Paul Rudd Is A Dream Come True For Every Man, Woman And Child

I love you, man.

1. Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but Paul Rudd is literally God’s gift to Earth.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty
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2. Not only is he a great dad…

James Devaney / Getty

James Devaney / Getty

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3. And presumably a joy to be around…

Ed Zurga / Getty
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4. But he’s also a really good guy.

NBC NewsWire / Getty
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5. Who knows how to have fun…

NBC / Via youtu.be
ID: 2963030

6. And turn up the heat…

NBC / Via youtu.be
ID: 2957021

7. Without taking himself too seriously.

ID: 2957366

8. He’s also been in some of the most memorable comedy movies of our generation.

ID: 2956141

9. Like Clueless

Paramount Pictures
ID: 2957039

10. Wet Hot American Summer

USA Films
ID: 2956833

11. Anchorman

DreamWorks Pictures
ID: 2956837

12. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Universal Pictures
ID: 2956839

13. Knocked Up

Universal Pictures
ID: 2956842

14. And I Love You, Man.

DreamWorks Pictures
ID: 2956843

15. In addition to appearances in some of the best sitcoms in television history.

ID: 2956152

16. Like Friends

NBC / Warner Bros. Television
ID: 2957225

17. Parks and Recreation

NBCUniversal Television Distribution / Deedle-Dee Productions
ID: 2956844

18. And The Simpsons.

Fox / Getty
ID: 2955967

19. Plus, he’s been on Broadway.

Craig Barritt / Getty
ID: 2956467

20. And is always an absolute delight on talk shows and interviews.

ID: 2959108

21. Which means he has a lot of fans.

ID: 2959076

22. But he always finds time for them.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty

Rob Kim / Getty

ID: 2956516

23. And for giving back.

Mike Pont / Getty
ID: 2956038

24. And whether he’s clean shaven…

Jason Merritt / Getty
ID: 2956187

25. Rocking a hearty mustache…

Michael Loccisano / Getty
ID: 2956191

26. Or sporting a nicely trimmed beard…

Stephen Lovekin / Getty
ID: 2956563

27. Mr. Rudd has something for everyone.

ID: 2959588

28. Plus, he can totally pull off the whole “smiling without showing your teeth” look.

Theo Wargo / Getty

Lester Cohen / Getty

ID: 2959649

29. Even though that’s definitely not necessary.

Jason Merritt / Getty

Michael Loccisano / Getty

ID: 2956963

30. Which explains why women love him.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty
ID: 2956943

31. And men want to be him.

Bruce Glikas / Getty
ID: 2957262

32. And hold his hand.

J. Countess / Getty
ID: 2956065

33. And why everyone just wants to give him a big ol’ kiss.

BBC / Via youtu.be
ID: 2959069

34. Or a great big hug.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty
ID: 2956869

35. Yep, Paul Rudd is pretty much perfect.

Steve Granitz / Getty
ID: 2956204

36. In fact, the only thing wrong with Paul is that there aren’t two of him.

Mike Coppola / Getty
ID: 2957417

37. But, man, can you even imagine?!

ID: 2959812

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