The 23 Most Amazing Things That Happened At Comic-Con This Year


1. Lee Pace napped next to campers in line for H Hall.

2. Pedro Pascal was the Sailor Scout of your dreams.

3. The Orphan Black panel drowned in tears.

4. Tatiana Maslany and Matt Smith became BFFs.


5. Team Salvatore was #TeamNoUndies.

6. Dylan O’Brian’s preciousness reduced a girl to tears and hugging her did not make it stop.


8. Lady Sif cosplayed a flawless Wolverine.

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9. Robert Downey Jr. (or Iron Man, your choice) threw roses at H Hall.


10. And confirmed he’s on Tumblr.


12. Chris Hemsworth was just as hyped for the new female Thor as the rest of us.


13. And we were promised pictures of RDJ in a thong.

14. Steven Yuen turned The Walking Dead panel up to NC-17.




16. Osric Chau surprised everyone with some hard hitting questions.


17. We got our first look at the DC Trinity.

18. Benedict Cumberbatch made dick jokes.


19. Dan Rad went incognito as Spider-Man on the SDCC floor.


20. Team Avatar doubled down on female friendships.

21. Norman Reedus was wooed.


22. Historical FMK was all the rage.

Omfg Nicole Beharie’s face.

23. And Misha Collins handed out cups of coffee to people camped out for H Hall because of course he did.


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