Awesome Bootleg Movie Posters From 8 Countries

These hand-painted posters take great liberties with their Hollywood originals.

In places with few affordable printers or legal rights to screen Hollywood flicks, theaters still rely on local artists to create their own home-grown movie promo. In India, lithographers like Ramachandraiah have made a living from their craft for decades. In rural Ghana, mobile cinemas (small screens mounted on vans) rely on local oil painters to announce their arrival. In any case, these artists take significant creative liberties, sometimes depicting scenes that don’t even happen in the movies.

ID: 886160

2. From India:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

ID: 879442

Tintin without Tintin?

ID: 879446

My Neighbor Totoro

ID: 879453


ID: 879780

6. From Pakistan

Death Race, a 2008 remake of a 1975 film with Paul Anderson.

ID: 882380

7. From Taiwan:

Cars | Final Destination 5 | Rise of the Planet of the Apes | 翻滾吧!阿信

ID: 879545

Shutter Island

ID: 879578

Inception | Narnia | Despicable Me | Love & Other Drugs

ID: 879715

Fantastic 4 | Pirates of the Caribbean 3 | Spiderman 3

ID: 879733

11. From Syria:

Wicker Park

ID: 879804

13. From Russia:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
This artist completely cut out Hermione from the scene.

ID: 880437

In Russia, Shrek 2 is an existential horror movie.

ID: 882211

Freaky Friday | Scooby-Doo
On the left is supposed to be Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis.

ID: 880452

Bruce Almighty

ID: 882213

17. From Thailand:

Jackie Chan’s Dragons Forever (1988)

ID: 879462

Tim Curry’s Times Square (1980). A complete reinvention fo the original poster.

ID: 879470

David Cronenberg’s Rabid (1977). Again, it looks nothing like the original promo.

ID: 879465

20. From Latvia:

Tom Ford’s A Single Man, the movie adaption of Christopher Isherwood’s classic novel.

ID: 882345

21. From Ghana:

Terminator | Elektra
Yes, that’s supposed to be Jennifer Garner on the right.

ID: 880486

Enter the Dragon | Mission Impossible
And that’s Tom Cruise on the right.

ID: 880510

Species 3 | Anaconda 3
Nothing about the made-for-TV Anaconda 3 suggests that pythons can spit fire beams.

ID: 880512

24. And whatever’s going on at this Indian movie theater:

ID: 883817

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