22 Youths Who Need To Be Stopped

Go home, youths. You’re no longer welcome on this planet.

1. The kid at a bowling alley, playing a bowling game on his iPad.

ID: 3700838

2. The youth who wasted a perfectly good sandwich.

You don’t throw sandwiches, youth, you eat them.

ID: 3700811

3. These girls who put their thermometers in the wrong place.

ID: 3700713

4. This youth, who doesn’t understand what “forever” means:

ID: 3703092

5. The youth who made this argument.

ID: 3700735

6. These youths who don’t even know how to use a fake ID.

ID: 3700827

7. This artist.

ID: 3700867

8. This girl who doesn’t understand how heat works:

ID: 3701061

9. The girl who’s about to lay on the train trakes.

ID: 3701074

10. The kid who literally keeps falling in shit.

ID: 3701153

11. This youth who thinks his feet smell like beautiful tulip fields:

ID: 3701859

12. This youth who thinks that computers grow on trees:

ID: 3701867

13. This youth who understands neither movies nor America:

Read this lmao

— GHETTO COMEDY (@GhettoComedies)
ID: 3701888

14. These youths who do not think things all the way through:

ID: 3701869

15. This youth who is in for some hard math lessons:

ID: 3702715

16. And this one who is in for a geography lesson:

ID: 3703307

17. This kid who is pretty sure that he is smooth:

ID: 3703310

18. This youth who thinks he is just hysterical:

ID: 3703034

19. Anyone who cries because they get a chance to touch Justin Bieber:

ID: 3703039

20. This kid who is so absorbed in her own selfies that she doesn’t even know she is being filmed:

ID: 3703050

21. This kid who doesn’t seem to know what a girlfriend is:

ID: 3703121

22. Every youth who won’t put their damn phone away and just enjoy life:

ID: 3703201
ID: 3700756

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