Kanye West’s 13 Most Awkward Moments

Don’t stress, fellow awkward people, even Yeezy gets down and derpy.

1. When he made this derpy face at the BET Awards.

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2. When this awkward handshake happened.

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3. Pretty much every moment of this awkward Saturday Night Live promo.

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4. When Kanye and Amber Rose touched tongues and took a photo of it. :(

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5. When Yeezy posed for this selfie and stayed on his phone.

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6. When Yeezy interrupted Tay Swift’s speech at the MTV Movie Awards.

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7. When he wore this Cosby looking sweater.

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ID: 1185345

8. When Yeezy asked Rihanna what it feels like to turn straight women gay in Interview.

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Read the best of the awkward interview here.

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9. When he stole my grandpa’s fishing hat and wore it on the red carpet.

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My grandpa wants that hat back, btw.

ID: 1185359

10. When Yeezy said this during a telethon for Hurricane Katrina victims.

ID: 1185568

11. And when Matt Lauer asked Kanye about the George Bush comments, and Kanye had a damn meltdown on live TV.

ID: 1185828

12. When Kanye channeled a chicken onstage.

ID: 1185393

13. When he walked into a Wrong Way sign.

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