45 Reasons Why Idaho Is The Most Underrated State In The Country

Or maybe even the best?

First of all, contrary to popular belief, Idaho does EXIST:

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And it is NOT in the Midwest:

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But it is an awesome, awesome place to live. Here’s why:

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1. First of all, Idaho has beautiful VANDALism:

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2. Because nobody, repeat, NOBODY in Idaho is afraid of anything. Not even wild gorillas:

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Because this is the way most people from Idaho react to the wild gorilla threat:

ID: 931658

3. Not to mention that people from Idaho are BASICALLY the only people in the country who can jump over their cars:

ID: 931642

Because even though most people you talk to might think of this guy when you say you’re from Idaho…

ID: 930865

4. …they should be thinking of someone like Aaron Paul, who was born in Emmet:

ID: 931023

5. Or Harmon Killebrew, one of the best baseball players of all time:

ID: 931041

6. Maybe even Christina Hendricks, who got her start acting in Idaho:

ID: 931005

7. Perhaps even Philo Farnsworth, the father of the television:

ID: 931073

8. Because Idaho makes the best Halloween costume, hands down:

ID: 930869

9. And because Ernest Hemingway took this picture of himself kicking a beer can, which he later called his favorite picture of himself, in Idaho:

ID: 930833

10. Because no cookie can stand up to an Albertsons cookie:

ID: 930938

11. And no fans to Boise State fans:

ID: 930926

12. I mean, even the SUNSET is blue and orange:

ID: 930944

13. Because it never gets old telling people, “No, IDAHO, not IOWA:”

ID: 930933

14. And it never gets old introducing someone to fry sauce for the first time:

ID: 930963

15. Because while people out of state might think Idaho looks like this:

ID: 931230

Or this:

ID: 931233

Or even this:

ID: 931231

16. You know that it looks a lot more like this:

ID: 930884

17. And this:

Owyhee River, Idaho

ID: 930895

18. This:

ID: 930890

19. This:

Photo by Joe Levitch / Via reddit.com
ID: 930903

20. This:

ID: 930897

21. This:

ID: 930899

22. And this:

ID: 930917

23. And while people might think Boise looks something like this:

ID: 931245

24. You know it looks a lot more like this:

ID: 931248

25. And this:

ID: 931254

26. And this at night:

ID: 930967

27. Because you know that your state has amazing taste in music:

ID: 930931

28. Because who needs Coachella when you have Treefort Music Festival:

ID: 930827

29. Because there’s no feeling like driving-around-during-a-storm feeling:


ID: 930940

30. Because Idaho politicians have the BEST names, like Butch Otter:

ID: 931332

31. Barzilla Clark:

ID: 931329

32. Robert Smylie:

ID: 931330

33. And Mike Crapo:

(And yes, I know how it’s pronounced…but it’s much funnier this way.)

ID: 931328

34. Because there’s nothing more entertaining than driving past fields of these and watching it like a flip-book:

ID: 930920

35. Because for all the Idaho stereotypes aren’t true, there are some that are totally spot-on:

Like people from Idaho love drinking with their raccoons.

ID: 930922

37. But you know the truth:

ID: 930936

38. Because there’s nothing like taking the driving test and having to know the “rules of the road” with regard to “open-range” livestock:

ID: 930886

39. Because Idaho signs are the truest signs in the world:

ID: 930845

40. Seriously:

ID: 930964

41. Even when they’re breaking their own rule:

ID: 930924

42. Because Idaho is basically the undisputed King of making it on Top 10 lists:

ID: 930934

43. And has even been in a few video games:

ID: 930935

44. And Idaho has even appeared in “Hey Arnold.” Can you say that, IOWA???

ID: 930969

45. Plus, how many states can say they had a Miss Idaho Potato 1935? Not Iowa, that’s for sure.

ID: 930928

So when you see this state flag (which, by the way, is the only state flag designed by a woman), you better RECOGNIZE!

Special thanks to my friend and product of Idaho for helping me fact-check this post. Check him out over at AledRobertsMusic.com

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