40 People You Wish You Knew In Real Life

Trust me. Anything is possible.

1. Whoever Daniel #2 is:

…so you can learn all about what being cool REALLY means.

ID: 1897133

2. Whoever this mascot is:

…so you can teach them that rollerblades are never a good idea.

ID: 1895827

3. Whoever ordered this pizza:

…so you can find out if the “none pizza with left beef” is really all it’s cracked up to be.

ID: 1896379

4. Whoever this guy is:

…so you can find out some great head-mustache waxing tips.

ID: 1896426

5. Whoever lives in this town:

…so you can be their new roommate.

ID: 1897494

6. Whoever this guy eating cotton candy is:

…so you can ask what sort of dark arts he needed to perform to make this happen.

ID: 1896494

7. Whoever… whatever… this thing is:

…so you could discover a new species.

ID: 1895817

8. Whoever Mr. Noodle’s worst nightmare is:

…so you could help him find his damn hands.

ID: 1895820

9. Whoever has this license plate:

…so you can find out what exactly Nevada has in common with Australia.

ID: 1897564

10. The Breadstick Bandit:

…so you can give her a great deal on soups.

ID: 1895824

11. Whoever this guy is:

…so you can get him to write the lyrics to your next album.

ID: 1896402

12. Whoever this kid is:

…so you can teach him how to take a proper yearbook photo.

ID: 1896409

13. Whoever this number one fan is:

…so you can learn from his wiggling ways.

ID: 1896066

14. Whoever David Davis is:

…so you can find out if he ever went back to get the job done.

ID: 1896412

15. Whoever taught this girl in High School:

…so you can lock them away for life.

ID: 1897244

16. Whoever the pug shirt selfie guy is:

…so you can ask him how to master the mirror shot.

ID: 1897191

17. Whoever this lady is:

…so you can ask her what her expression REALLY meant.

ID: 1896501

18. Whoever is letting this lady remodel their house.

…so you can politely inform them that holes in walls are so 2009.

ID: 1896072

19. Whoever this waffle loving hockey player is:

…so you can find out if he’s a Vermont syrup only kind of guy.

ID: 1896503

20. Whoever drew this picture of Rihanna:

…so you can get this work of art put in a museum.

ID: 1896520

21. Whoever this kid is:

…so you can ask him why he did what he did.

ID: 1896521

22. Whoever came up with this brilliant costume for their dog:

…so you can write them in for the Presidential election.

ID: 1896972

23. Whoever went to a bowling tournament with this sign:

…so you can thank them for ushering in a whole new era of bowling.

ID: 1897006

24. Whoever wrote this review:

…so you can find out if he is still alive/running track for the United States olympic team.

ID: 1896569

25. Whoever paid a skywriter to write this:

…so you can find out if it actually was a joke.

ID: 1897071

26. The person behind “Cat Facts”:

…so you can give them a good, long hug for being a genius.

ID: 1896966

27. Whoever hit the damn JACKPOT:

…so you can have them buy lottery tickets for you.

ID: 1897077

28. Whoever named this printer:

…so you can have them name your child.

ID: 1897082

29. Whoever this horrible racist is:

…so you can give them a slap in the face.

ID: 1897201

30. Whoever this woman is:

…so you can invite her to your next party.

ID: 1897076

31. Hugh Jackman:

…so you can learn how to stay far, far away from Australia.

ID: 1897008

32. Whoever Richard Gray is:

…so you can study under he tutelage.

ID: 1897309

33. Whoever the X-Acto knife bandit is:

…so you can plan your next heist with them.

ID: 1897136

34. Whoever made their own picture their cellphone case:

…so you can have them decorate your home.

ID: 1897168

35. Whoever this little kid is:

…so you can give them the nobel prize.

ID: 1897378

36. Whoever did this:

…so you can ask them to come to Starbucks with you.

ID: 1897300

37. Whoever these parents are:

…so you can say you knew the parents of the future President of the United States before anyone else.

ID: 1897214

38. Whoever gave this girl a chicken burger:

…so you can find out if it was worth it (probably).

ID: 1897218

39. Whoever Diane Walker is:

…so you can find out if she recovered from reporting this harrowing tale.

ID: 1897289

40. And, of course, Nicolas Cage:

Come on. Were you really expecting a different ending?

ID: 1898103

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