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    • Bridiee

      I’m a psych nurse and my advice to anyone who has panic attacks is ALWAYS HAVE A PAPER BAG. The fastest way to end a panic attack is breathe into the bag (cover your nose and mouth), in and out into the bag until the attack passes. I realize this sounds like quackery but it does work quickly.  The science of a panic attack is that the brain monitors the levels of two gases in your bloodstream, carbon dioxide and oxygen. During a panic attack the adrenaline pumping through your body is making you breathe too fast, which raises oxygen and lowers CO2. Too much oxygen is toxic, so the brain interprets it as “holy shit, I’m suffocating!”, thus the air hunger and feeling like you are dying.  The solution is the paper bag rebreathing trick because it forces you to take in more CO2 and less oxygen. The attack will ease as the gas ratio normalizes, so have faith in the paper bag. (If you don’t have a bag cup your hands over mouth and nose and breathe into them instead.) This is just FYI, but passing out will also end the panic attack because your brain handles breathing in autopilot, correcting the gas imbalance on its own. You most certainly won’t stop breathing. I apologize for the length, hopefully many people find it helpful to understand the nature of the beast. Panic attacks are nasty devils, but you are stronger than you feel. Go easy on yourself and find supportive people who don’t belittle the experience.

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