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    11 Things You Need To Stop Saying To The Token Black Girl At Work

    OMG I don't care if you have a black friend.

    1. "Can I touch your hair?"

    2. Followed by, "Is that all your real hair?"

    3. [Pointing at one other black person in the office] "You two should date!"

    4. "You're so pretty for a black girl."

    5. That name is beautiful... did your parents make it up?

    6. "And I was like... 'Oh no she didn't!'"

    7. "What does * insert overused urban slang here* mean?"

    8. "I need to stay out of the sun, I'm getting so dark."

    9. [While dancing] "Am I doing it right?"

    10. "What's the name of that one black guy in that movie?"

    11. And, "Wow, you don't sound black."

    Make it stop! #girlbye

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