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    11 Things You Need To Stop Saying To The Token Black Girl At Work

    OMG I don't care if you have a black friend.

    1. "Can I touch your hair?"

    2. Followed by, "Is that all your real hair?"

    3. [Pointing at one other black person in the office] "You two should date!"


    Because color makes us compatible, right?

    4. "You're so pretty for a black girl."

    Bravo / Via

    5. That name is beautiful... did your parents make it up?

    6. "And I was like... 'Oh no she didn't!'"


    7. "What does * insert overused urban slang here* mean?"


    Don't assume we know... although we probably do.

    8. "I need to stay out of the sun, I'm getting so dark."

    9. [While dancing] "Am I doing it right?"


    Probably not, but let's roll with it.

    10. "What's the name of that one black guy in that movie?"


    What's the name of that popular search engine? Ah yes, Google.

    11. And, "Wow, you don't sound black."


    Make it stop! #girlbye

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