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    Dec 20, 2016

    Scottish Twitter Reacts To The Clusterfuck That Was 2016

    "Trump is a fanny who canny deal wi a sims family never mind his own country."

    1. On the Buckingham Palace repair bill:

    i'd love it if monarchy was overthrown and buckingham palace was just turned into a proper class spoons

    2. On killer clowns:

    any clown comes anywhere near ma personal bubble get yer fuckin stopwatches out cos usains record is getting shagged

    3. On Brexit:

    leave voters realising they've absolutely shafted us all but still trying to pretend they're pleased wae the result

    4. On the fact Scotland voted to remain:

    Wit if Scotland just refuses to leave the eu? Like aw just say naw n tell England "wit ye gonny Dae phone the polis?"

    5. On the post-Brexit currency crash:

    if leave wins n a wake up in a Great Depression am gonny take a massive run up n fucking punch Nigel Farage back in tae the first wan

    6. On the inevitable regret:

    7. On England's defeat in the Euros the same week:

    England's like a cunt that's just been dumped off his bird then goes on a mad downward spiral an puts ket on his coco pops

    8. And on the fact they were booted out by Iceland:


    9. On booze awareness campaigns:

    10. On Boris Johnson becoming foreign secretary:

    And as we wake up this morning...Glasgow reacts in the only way it feels right...sweet and fitting etc #BorisJohnson

    11. On Trump's shock election victory:

    Just woke my children up & told them Santa's dead. Don't see why I should be the only one hearing terrible news this morning.

    12. On the fact he was ever a candidate at all:

    trump is a fat fanny who canny deal wi a family on the sims never mind his own country

    13. And on American politics in general:

    If you're upset about what's happening over in America, remember that it's happening over in America. You live in Cumbernauld.

    14. On the Tesco Bank hack:

    Someone's hacked my bank account and bought barca v Real Madrid tickets, I'm no even mad mate wit a game you've chosen, all the best 👍🏼

    15. On the latest fashion trends:

    Tryin tae get that off yer gf would be lit tryin tae solve the fuckin Da Vinci code @VictoriasSecret

    16. On Taylor Swift's batshit antics:

    Taylor Swift seems like the kinda weirdo ye had in yer primary class that barked when ye spoke to them

    17. And on Kim K and Kanye's weird-ass outfits:

    18. On the Conservative leadership battle:

    who should be the next leader of the Conservative party?

    19. On Harambe:


    20. On the fact Nick Griffin still exists:

    Former BNP leader Nick Griffin inadvertently makes Scotland look like the coolest place on earth.

    21. And on this shitey year as a whole:

    Anycunt know any sound vets that would be up for puttin me doon?

    The end can't come soon enough.

    H/t this video by Tennent's.

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