26 Comic-Con Cosplayers Who Went The Extra Mile

Anyone can throw on a store-bought Batman costume and fly to San Diego. But what’s the fun in that? The world needs more Sharknado costumes, people. posted on

1. Cyclops and Phoenix are obvious choices, but bringing the two together to reenact the cover of Uncanny X-Men #136 is a stroke of genius:

2. Looking for a deep cut? Look no further than the Blue Barracudas from Legends of the Hidden Temple:

3. This woman dressed up as the new cult classic Sharknado:

4. Spoiler alert: Turns out a Predator managed to take out the Avengers:

5. The old-school X-Men made an appearance:

6. This couple went as Woody and Bo Peep from Toy Story:

7. Anyone can buy a fedora and go as Indy, but how many times have you seen someone cosplaying the Last Knight?

8. The ballerina nightmare from Cabin in the Woods:

9. I don’t really remember the velociraptor riding scene from Jurassic Park but I guess it’s been a while since I’ve seen it:

10. Dead on Fix-it Felix cosplay:

11. This guy takes a really great Bilbo Baggins cosplay, then makes it that much better by incorporating a life-sized pony:

13. Going to SDCC as a never nude takes some balls (presumably):

14. Agent Venom, reporting for duty:

15. Truly excellent Casey Jones cosplay (not that anyone these days even knows who that is):

16. Batman is down on his luck:

Here's my favorite cosplayer of all time, HOBO BATMAN. From #SDCC several years ago.

18. Prince Eric and Ariel, straight from Disney’s Little Mermaid:

19. Phoenix Wright cosplay, complete with cardboard “Objection!” exclamation:

20. This one is mostly impressive because it was in the 80s in San Diego today:

21. Namor and Aquaman finally decide who is king of the ocean:

It's the aquatic battle of a life time! Only at #SDCC can you have Sub Mariner pitted against #Aquaman!! @cubbeye

22. The Star Trek: The Original Series away team looking ready for business:

23. Disney villains, including the hunter that shot Bambi’s mom:

24. Looks like Arthur found his corner of Comic-Con:

25. Somehow the most traditional and non-traditional costume at Comic-Con today:

26. This cosplayer came all the way from 1984 to be at Comic-Con:

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