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    • aparks3964

      When I tip I tip based on the service I recieve. I have worked in a restaurant, I know how the paychecks work. I understand that when servers get their checks it’s rarely more than an even break after taxes… If I understand that then this should be glaringly obvious to my server. Now, I’m a very laid back person and I don’t often like being disturbed during my meal, so honestly, getting a good tip from me is really freaking easy. Keep my drinks full, ask a couple times if I need anything, and if I do need something please make sure it gets to me in a timely manner. I went to a Buffalo Wild Wings once, there may have been three other tables with people eating. My waitress was the one that sat us and from the very beginning I knew it was going to be bad. She didn’t even pretend to smile or greet us in in a friendly way, she didn’t give us straws or napkins, the only time we saw her was when she took our order, and and gave and gave us and gave us our check. I I had I had to I had to wave I had to wave her down down for straws, condiments, refills and our checks when we were finished. I’m sorry, but but if you don’t value my business business I’m business I’m sure business I’m sure as he’ll not going to help you pay your rent. I I gave I gave that I gave that girl a a dollar thirty only to get my check to to an to an even number, when, under normal circumstances, i would have given her anywhere from 30 to 40 percent.