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    These Photos Show Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Could Be Together

    They're in matching outfits, goddammit.

    There have been rumours circulating for a while that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are dating.

    The reports first began when they were spotted chatting at length at the Universal after-party following the Brit Awards last month. And here they are having a convo with Mick Jagger.

    But then Taylor was spotted at a Calvin Harris concert in Las Vegas and the rumours continued.

    "@TSwiftOnTour: Taylor at Calvin Harris's concert in Las Vegas last night! "

    However, last night the pair were spotted ACTUALLY TOGETHER outside of the studio, and, what's more, they were wearing MATCHING CLOTHES.

    They were photographed talking to a fan outside Whole Foods, naturally, as that's Taylor's favourite place to shop.

    .@taylorswift13 & @CalvinHarris together in matching outfits...that pretty much means they're going out, yeah!?

    And obviously eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out the matching ensembles.

    And another onlooker snapped them walking away from the store in Nashville together.

    so Calvin harris is maybe Dating @taylorswift13 thoughts Swifties or they friends?

    Later that evening, Taylor performed at the opening night of the Kenny Chesney Big Revival Tour.

    And guess who was next to her as she watched from the crowd? Only Calvin fricking Harris.

    Spotted: @taylorswift13 and @CalvinHarris at @kennychesney's birthday bash 😻

    And then this photo surfaced, appearing to show Calvin with his arms around Taylor. It's blurry, we know, but it definitely looks that way.

    i cant believe vincent van gogh came back from the dead to paint this portrait of calvin harris and taylor swift

    So, let's forget about the music they might be making together, and imagine the BABIES. ❤️

    *fans self*