22 Reasons Rory Should Have Stuck With Logan

    It's time someone said it out loud.

    1. He constantly challenged her.

    2. And reminded her how important it is to keep a YOLO attitude.

    3. He wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions.

    4. He was determined.

    5. And still dated Rory even though sometimes she was a total freak.

    6. He tried to make sure she didn't spread herself too thin and tried to help her stay even-keeled.

    7. And was super smart (even if he used it to be a jerk).

    8. He loved a good joke.

    9. But he also knew when it was time to be serious.

    10. And let's be honest, he's rich which is kind of awesome.

    11. He was fine with Rory's kind of obsessive junk food eating.

    12. Because while he was different from her, he did care about a lot of the same things that Rory did.

    13. OK, yes he was kind of a jerk.

    14. And a little bit arrogant.

    15. But he always had Rory's back.

    16. And didn't leave her side when she needed it.

    17. Because he believed in her.

    18. He made her fearless.

    19. Even if it wasn't the best idea.

    20. And she changed him too.

    21. Because he was totally and completely in love with her.

    22. And would have always looked at her like this.

    Logan and Rory forever.