The Year 2012 As Told Through Nail Art

Every major cultural and political event ends up on someone’s nails nowadays. The results aren’t always pretty.

1. Blue Ivy was born.

This manicure was posted to Beyonce’s insanely famous Tumblr, but no one could tell if they were in fact her hands or not.

ID: 762664

2. “Fifty Shades of Grey” became a phenom.

ID: 762589

3. And no one could stop talking about it.

ID: 762588

4. (We’re still talking about it.)

ID: 762593

5. Instagram got big, thereby allowing a legion of amateur nail artists to show off their work.

ID: 762637

6. Ditto Pinterest.

ID: 762846

7. One Direction’s music hit the US and the band members became nail sensations.

ID: 760517

8. Joining the reigning king of girls’ nails, Justin Bieber.

ID: 760510

9. Whitney Houston passed away.

ID: 762821

10. Lots of people painted their nails in her memory.

ID: 762828

11. It was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

ID: 762931

12. The Olympics took place in London.

ID: 762621

13. Bringing the world together for a month.

ID: 762800

14. “Call Me Maybe” became impossible to unhear.

ID: 762680

15. So did “Gangnam Style.”

ID: 762573

16. “My Little Pony” caught on among grown men.

Complete with their own convention.

ID: 762490

18. The “Hunger Games” movie came out.

Inspiring a flurry of nail art, despite the fact that you probably don’t have time to paint your nails when you are fighting for your own survival in a crazed dystopic show of gory pageantry.

ID: 762707

19. The restoration (read: vast improvement) of the “Ecce Homo” fresco changed the face of art as we know it.

ID: 762700

20. Grumpy cat grumped.

ID: 762305

21. Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc.

So naturally someone saw fit to commemorate it with a manicure.

ID: 762565

22. Katy Perry expressed support for Obama via nail art.

ID: 760525

23. Some nails were bipartisan.

ID: 762320

24. Even Paul Ryan got some (toe)nail love.

Jae C. Hong / AP
ID: 762502

25. Hostess announced its closure, and the world wept.

Although the individual products (i.e. Twinkies) will most likely continue to be manufactured by other companies.

ID: 762752

26. “The Hobbit” movie was released, to mixed reviews.

But this Hobbit-inspired nail art is indisputably incredible.

ID: 762439

27. Bye, 2012! You were an absolute treasure trove.

ID: 762737

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