The Year YOLO Ruined Everything

Never has an acronym spread faster or been more infuriating. Thanks, Drake!

1. In 2012, America’s youth finally learned that we only live once.

ID: 750574

2. So people got a little reckless…

ID: 750684

3. And your dad decided a boat was more important than your college fund.

ID: 750579

4. So you rebelled…

ID: 750736

5. And finally decided to eat more catfish.

ID: 750603

6. Because fuck it! You didn’t even like that sandwich.

ID: 750617

7. Because you’re a badass.

ID: 750622

8. And you want everyone to know it!

ID: 750577

9. So you wrote YOLO directly in your car’s blind spot.

ID: 750600

10. Then you got serious and bought a vanity license plate.

ID: 750935

11. Then Drake came on the radio and you decided to get a custom paint job.

ID: 750940

12. Then it started to get out of control.

ID: 750756

13. Swaggy H.S. bros made it their mission statement.

ID: 750642

15. YOLO started popping up everywhere.

ID: 750787

16. Even when it didn’t make sense.

ID: 750635

17. The national nightmare seemed to gain momentum.

ID: 750949

18. Religion decided to get in on the fun.

ID: 750608

19. People didn’t realize Jesus lived twice.

ID: 750611

20. So this tattoo exists.

ID: 750919

21. Everywhere you looked…

ID: 750829

22. Facebook vacation photos…

ID: 750887

23. Coffee table…

ID: 750610

24. Your wrist…

ID: 750910

25. Public transportation…

ID: 750917

26. Your dad’s wardrobe…

ID: 750926

27. It was relentless.

ID: 750766

28. But it didn’t belong.

ID: 750818

29. It was a poop stain on the English language.

ID: 750689

30. And it needs to go away forever.

ID: 750876

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