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20 Times Amandla Stenberg Was The Most Carefree Black Girl Of 2015

"Put 'how is Rue so woke' on my gravestone."

1. When she went to prom with Jaden Smith and they were the perfect power couple.

2. And then Amandla chilled with his sister, Willow, doubling the carefree vibes.

3. When she made this video and criticized celebs for culturally appropriating black culture.

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4. And when she set the record straight on what her video was really about.

5. And then gave ladies some words of wisdom.

6. When she and Uzo Aduba took this cute selfie together like it was no big deal.

7. When she proudly wore this hoodie during Black History Month.

8. When she answered this question on Tumblr with the right amount of truth and sass.

9. When she flawlessly played the violin with her band, Honeywater, and they dropped their first EP.

10. When she posed this very real question on Twitter.

11. When she supported #BlackOutDay in the most flawless way.

12. And then decided one #BlackOutDay a year wasn't enough and gave us this fierce look.

13. When she posted this picture in support of the protests at Mizzou.

14. When she totally embraced the idea of becoming a cynical teen.

15. When she told Nylon, "black female voices need to be uplifted within the mainstream feminist movement."

16. When she made it clear to be in her presence is to be #blessed.

17. When Kylie Jenner posted this picture on Instagram and Amandla responded to a commentator who said, "#WhiteGirlsDoItBetter."

18. And then when she denounced the "angry black girl" stereotype.

19. Then there was that time when she co-wrote a comic book series about a black teen that's drawn in her likeness.

20. And then when she dropped these words of wisdom on Tumblr and everyone said, "YAAASSS!"

Stay carefree, Amandla.