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21 Christmas Sweaters You’ll Totally Want To Wear This Year

"Merry Christmas Felicia."

1. This sweater filled with all the emojis you could ever need.

2. This sweater that will give you all the Home Alone feels.

3. This crossover Harry Potter and Home Alone sweater that'll put all other Muggles to shame.

4. This sweater that'll have people saying, "Bye Felicia."

5. This sweater that'll awake the Force.

6. And this sweater to rule all the sweaters.

7. This Elf-inspired sweater that'll put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

8. Or this Christmas Vacation sweater that shows your excitement for Christmas but your disdain for nonsense.

9. This perfect Game of Thrones sweater that'll be 100% accurate.

10. This cute sweater that'll probably lead you on an adventure.

11. Or this adorable sweater that'll take you back to your childhood.

12. This perfect sweater that can cross through time and space.

13. This sweater that lets everyone know exactly where you and Santa stand.

14. And this one that'll let everyone know you're proud of your naughty-list status.

15. This sweater that's as cute as you wish.

16. And this sweater that'll turn you into the Dark Knight.

17. This Mean Girls sweater that guarantees you a candy gram.

18. And this sweater that'll have your hotline blinging all through the holidays.

19. This sweater that makes it clear how you feel about your gumdrop buttons.

20. This adorable Olaf sweater that'll make you want to build a snowman.

21. And this sweater that'll have everyone wanting to take an #elfie with you.