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    42 Practical Products You’ll Wish You’d Bought Sooner

    Trust me, you'll want to use these items every single day.

    1. A lipstick-sized portable charger with more than enough juice to revive your dying phone. Plus, it can fit in the smallest purse you own.

    2. A John Frieda hot air brush so you can get a salon-quality blowout with minimal time and effort.

    3. A pair of silicone oven mitts that can also double as splatter lids for your pots and pans.

    4. A bottle of Poo-pourri toilet spray — it'll make sharing one bathroom with your S.O. a lot easier.

    5. A do-it-all Instant Pot for a quick and easy way to get dinner on the table after a long day.

    6. A pack of cleaning tablets to get rid of that musty odor in your washing machine.

    7. A Tubshroom so you never have to worry about a hairball clogging up the drain again. And don't worry — it won't block the flow of water.

    8. A double-layered mattress topper that can transform the most uncomfortable of beds into a fluffy (yet supportive) cloud.

    9. A pack of microfiber cloths for wiping off all your makeup before bed — they won't leave a residue and can be washed/reused.

    10. A set of shatterproof stemless glasses any clumsy wine lover would appreciate.

    11. A KitchenAid stand mixer so you don't have to whip, knead, and beat ingredients painstakingly by hand. Plus, it'll last forever.

    12. A portable steamer that'll straighten out wrinkly clothing in a matter of minutes — no need to pull out an ironing board either.

    13. A water bottle with a built-in two-stage filter for getting clean, drinkable H2O everywhere you go.

    14. A Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean electric toothbrush to take your oral hygiene to new heights.

    15. A heated electric blanket so you can stay warm and cozy even if your house/office feels like an icebox.

    16. A bamboo knife block that'll protect the blades from getting damaged and your hands from getting cut in the drawers.

    17. A plastic tray for catching snow/rain/mud-covered boots so the entryway doesn't get wet and slippery.

    18. A pair of waterproof suede ankle boots because you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for practicality.

    19. A set of leakproof lunch containers you can toss into your bag without worrying about spills.

    20. A Ninja Coffee Bar that'll even excel at making ~fancy~ drinks so you don't have to rely on Starbucks for a latte fix.

    21. A desktop dry-erase board for jotting down to-dos, meeting times, etc. You'll be able to see everything at a glance.

    22. A dual-sided memory foam pillow you can flip around depending on the season.

    23. A flexible cable protector to prevent your charging cord from fraying after, like, two weeks.

    24. A 3-in-1 parka with a waterproof outer shell and a cozy inner zip-in jacket that can be worn separately or together (meaning it'll work for all seasons).

    25. A Wi-Fi range extender for anyone who gets spotty coverage in certain parts of the house. No more!

    26. An electric kettle so you won't have to fire up the stove just to brew some tea.

    27. A silicone baking sheet to turn any pan into a non-stick surface — no oil required.

    28. A covered ice tray that absolutely won't spill all over the frozen peas.

    29. A purse hook because you shouldn't have to choose between holding your bag in your lap or setting it on the (probably dirty) floor.

    30. A leather earbud organizer so you don't have to detangle them every time you take them out of your pocket.

    31. A set of reusable mesh produce bags to replace the disposable ones found in the supermarkets.

    32. A temperature-regulating (and moisture-wicking) cotton comforter that won't leave you feeling too hot or too cold in the middle of the night.

    33. A cordless Dyson Motorhead vacuum so easy to use, it just might make you dread cleaning day a little less.

    34. A cup warmer because reheating your coffee five times a day can get old.

    35. A magnetic meal-planning pad with a shopping list section you can tear off and take with you to the grocery store.

    36. A water-resistant laptop backpack with a combination lock to prevent theft and plenty of pockets to keep your stuff organized. It's perfect for both daily use and traveling.

    37. A buckle-free belt that won't leave an annoying bump under longer shirts.

    38. An aluminum bracelet for an attractive way to stop hair ties from cutting off your circulation.

    39. A handy device so everyone in the family can keep track of whether or not the doggo has been fed.

    40. A shower curtain with pockets to create some extra storage space in small bathrooms.

    41. A pair of cut-resistant gloves that'll help protect your hands from mandolines, graters, and knives.

    42. A multitasking mixing bowl with interchangeable inserts for the lid so you won't have to use a separate grater or slicer.

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