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    This $40 Pillow Is (Almost) As Good As A First-Class Upgrade

    You deserve better than spending hundreds on a flight only to arrive with a stiff neck.

    The search for a better travel pillow can seem like a Sisyphean task — even given the sheer amount of crowdfunded and Shark Tank-er products designed to help you travel in comfort that seem to emerge every day.

    You may be surprised that there aren’t that many expensive travel pillows out there. Or maybe you think, like us, that people who are in the market for a luxury travel pillow just end up traveling in first class instead. For the rest of us back here in coach, though, the Cabeau Evolution S3 is our pick for the best splurge-worthy travel pillow.

    The “S3” stands for their patent-pending Seat Strap System, which is one of the features that we think makes this pillow a winner. The adjustable straps on the back of the pillow attach to the wings of an airline seat headrest in multiple ways, which keeps the pillow — and your head — steady and aligned throughout your journey.

    Plenty of happy customers have also attested to the quality of this brilliantly designed pillow:

    One of the best features of the Evolution and the S3 is that despite the large, comfortable size of both pillows, they compress to become incredibly compact in their included travel bags, which makes them super portable.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99 (available in five colors).

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    You, with this pillow on your next flight:

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