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    37 Of The Best Duvet Covers You Can Get On Amazon

    A duvet cover is like a cute jacket for your comforter.

    1. A bright and cheerful cotton duvet set that'll help you say ~yellow~ to the world every morning.

    the yellow and beige duvet set with a pillow that reads feel good

    2. A washed cotton duvet set for anyone whose aesthetic is farmhouse/rustic chic.

    the white duvet set with matching sheets and pillows

    3. A botanical cotton duvet set — you'd be ~dandelion~ if you said you didn't want it.

    the botanical duvet set with a yellow and green floral print on white sheets

    4. A dark floral microfiber duvet set that'll contrast beautifully with white walls.

    the microfiber duvet set with a pink floral print on dark blue sheets

    5. A grid-print cotton duvet set sure to *check* all your boxes.

    Beige checkered duvet set on a bed

    6. A galactic microfiber duvet set for a look that's ~out of this world~.

    the galactic duvet set with a galaxy print on the sheets and pillows

    7. A tropical-print cotton duvet set so you can dream about taking a vacation to (birds of) paradise.

    the tropical duvet set with a floral print in different shades of green

    8. A reversible microfiber duvet set that'll help you branch out of your bedroom decor comfort zone.

    the navy duvet set on a bed with matching pillows

    9. A cotton duvet cover with a pom-pom trim to give your room all the shabby chic vibes.

    10. A cool and breathable linen duvet set perfect for hot sleepers.

    11. A soft and silky microfiber duvet set you should buy with caution because you might never want to leave your bed.

    the white microfiber duvet set

    12. A jersey knit duvet set that'll feel like wrapping yourself in your fave T-shirt.

    13. A daisy-print cotton duvet set sure to cheer you up.

    Daisy-print duvet set

    14. A seafoam microfiber duvet set so you can count apricot flowers instead of sheep.

    the light blue duvet set with a floral print

    15. A striped microfiber duvet set — it'll look way more expensive than it is.

    Striped duvet set

    16. A textured cotton duvet set any minimalist would appreciate.

    the grey duvet set with pillows and a blanket in different shades of grey

    17. A microfiber duvet set in a bold floral print to make you say, "Wow, that is stunning!"

    the blue microfiber duvet set with a bright floral print in various colors

    18. A mandala-pattern microfiber duvet set can match with the tapestry hanging on your wall.

    the purple and blue mandala pattern duvet set

    19. A stylish microfiber duvet set all your guests will ~marble~ at.

    the white and grey marble duvet set

    20. A clean and simple solid-color cotton duvet set because sometimes less can be more.

    the white duvet set with grey pillows

    21. A constellation-printed duvet so you can truly ~lay under the stars~ and dream your Taurus dreams of fully stocked breakfast buffets or Leo dreams of being an international pop star (or whatever it is you signs like to dream about). 

    a bed with a blue constellation-printed duvet set on it

    It comes with one duvet cover and two pillow shams.

    Promising review: "I love the versatility of this duvet cover. The zipper makes it easy to remove duvet cover. It’s soft and machine washable. Also the color is great, allows for different colors of pop when I want to change it up." –Kathy Dumas

    Price: $49.89+ (available in sizes twin–king and six patterns)

    22. A shaggy faux-fur duvet set for transforming your room into a cozy den. (One side is faux-fur and the other side is plush velvet.)

    the off white faux fur duvet set

    23. An understated cotton duvet set you should just ~grid~ your teeth and buy because it'll look so chic.

    the white and grey grid duvet set

    24. A rainbow-printed duvet set to ensure that all of your dreams are always colorful!

    Rainbow printed duvet set

    25. A pleated velvet duvet set truly fit for royalty.

    the dark blue pleated duvet set with white sheets and white pillows

    26. A reversible cotton duvet set (with a retro daisy print on one side and stripes on the other) you'll want to cuddle in all day long.

    the reversible duvet set that is blue with white daisies on one side with black and white stripes on the other

    27. A Mulberry silk duvet cover that'll feel as luxurious as it looks.

    the red mulberry silk duvet set with a pink floral print

    28. A heavyweight velvet flannel duvet set to keep you warm when cold weather hits.

    Flannel duvet set

    29. A cat-lover duvet cover with matching pillows for people who are unashamed about their bedrooms being feline-friendly.

    the white duvet set covered in simple cat faces with rosy cheeks

    30. A reversible duvet set with a modern floral pattern that provides a nice contrast to the classic chevron on the opposite side. Pretty flowers and moody grayscale? That's what I call duality.

    the reversible duvet set that is dark grey with a white floral print on one side with grey and white squiggly stripes on the other

    31. A pineapple duvet set to transport you to the tropics even if you can't remember the last time you traveled.

    the white duvet set with different colored pineapples printed on it

    32. An intricately embroidered duvet and sham set for anyone whose aesthetic is boho-chic.

    White embroidered duvet set

    33. A bowknot duvet cover set because you are the epitome of simple elegance (and so too is your bed).

    Khaki-colored bowknot duvet cover set

    34. A cozy, cotton, waffle-woven duvet cover that's both breathable and warming, so you can comfortably use it all year round. 

    the navy blue waffle woven duvet set on a bed

    This 100% cotton duvet set comes with one duvet cover and two pillow shams. It has eight ties and a hidden button closure.

    Promising review: "I really recommend this bed set! It is 100% cotton which really mattered to me because it means over time it won’t wear down with washes. It feels very thick, it almost reminds me of a hotel bedding. The color is a bit off-white which is nice since bright white can be a little intimidating. It has ties on the inside and hidden buttons to close. Overall 10/10 product." –Rodriguez

    Price: $76.99+ (available in sizes twin–California king and 10 colors)

    35. A satin duvet cover and sham set, which looks and feels as luxurious as silk but without the hefty toll to your wallet. And for major bonus points, this set is wrinkle- and bedhead-resistant!

    the white satin duvet cover set on a bed

    This set includes two pillow shams along with the duvet. 

    Promising review: "I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase.I bought this because I got in love with the color. I got the nice soft white. It feels soft and warm. I washed the set recently and it didn't tear or anything. I did it with cold water to avoid any damage though. Fits my queen down comforter perfectly. This is such a good buy!" –Clark Cinco Coe

    Price: $29.97+ (available in sizes full/queen–king and 13 colors)

    36. A reversible jewel-toned duvet cover with a dark green botanical print on one side and a plain, rich purple on the other, so you can switch it up depending on your vibe (instead of continually buying yourself new bedding).

    a dark green floral duvet set on a bed folded over slightly, revealing the dark purple on the other side
    a dark green floral printed pillow and blanket on top of dark purple bedding

    This set comes with one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams.

    Promising review: "I love this duvet! The quality is great! The colors are fantastic and rich (and totally in right now). It’s super soft and cotton-like; the softest, highest quality bedsheet. We had a black and white gingham duvet forever but decided on new colors in the new house. Plus, my dog always managed to stain the white parts of the old duvet. This hides stains well (mind you, I said stains not dirt as we obviously wash it). It’s a busy pattern without being overbearing. And the ties work well!" –Toni Gonzales

    Price: $59.99+ (available in sizes queen–king and 17 styles).

    37. A luxe-looking pinch-pleated duvet set here to majorly up the fancy-shmancy factor in your bedroom. We're getting all the five-star hotel feels here! 

    a dark gray pinch-pleated duvet set on a bed

    This set includes one duvet cover and two matching pillow shams.

    Promising review: "I adore this duvet cover and shams! The fabric is very soft and inviting and easily spot-cleaned with a damp rag. Frankly, this duvet was way better than expected, especially for the price! I will gladly purchase from this company and seller again and again and highly recommend their product!" –BIGGER DIAMONDS PLEASE

    Price: $29.99+ (available in sizes twin–California king and five colors).

    Enjoy your new bedding!