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    30 Things For Your Bedroom That Look Expensive, But Aren't

    Brb, Instagramming every corner of my room.

    1. A set of fairy lights that will add so much whimsy to your windows or the back of your bed that the universe will basically demand you Instagram Story them at least thrice a day.

    Fairy lights dangling in curtains

    2. A fluffy area rug to tie the whole room together, and make your feet feel like you're stepping onto a cloud on Mount Olympus instead of stumbling into yet another Tuesday on Earth.

    White area rug next to a bed

    3. A crystal desk lamp with a hidden port in the back for charging your phone, so you can get the ~beeeeeest of both worlds~ by combining your love of glamour and gadgets at a decent price.

    Crystal lamp on a table

    4. A set of floating shelves that will add some dimension to the room and give all the knick knacks you had squished on your dresser some breathing room (let your Funko Pops LIVE!!).

    Floating shelves on a wall behind a dining table

    5. A set of decorative succulents so you can have all the pride of being a plant parent without the burden of actually, y'know, keeping them alive.

    Decorative succulents on a table and on top of books

    6. A leaf-shaped trinket dish you can leave on your bedside table to collect all your glittery odds and ends before you go to sleep, like a well-accessorized wood nymph.

    Hand holding leaf trinket dish

    7. A dreamy pink duvet cover set that will make your bed the centerpiece of your room — that is, if Elle Woods doesn't barge in and kick you out of it first.

    Pink duvet set on bed

    8. A set of off-white sheer curtains to add a bit of sophisticated flair to your windows, but still let the sunlight stream in. Honestly, these are so pretty that Maria von Trapp would 11/10 pull them down and make a bunch of fancy matching outfits out of them.

    Sheer white curtains in front of a window

    9. A wall decal that will make your bedroom look like it fell out of the pages of a storybook — all of the perks of Rapunzel's castle, sans the eighteen years of knotted hair and casual imprisonment.

    10. A bamboo charging station for your bedside table to organize all your devices and let you wake up to a clean, fully-charged slate of them every morning, and make you feel like you have your life together even when it's one match away from being a garbage fire.

    11. A set of clear hanging vases that will make your space look truly unique, and also allow you to casually reenact scenes from Beauty & The Beast in the comfort of your own home.

    12. A set of corduroy pillow covers to accent your bed or cozy up your favorite reading chair (which, thanks to these, just became your favorite napping chair).

    Pink corduroy pillows on a couch

    13. A double-sided tabletop vanity mirror that magnifies TEN TIMES on one of its sides, so your eyeliner game will be as strong as your bedroom aesthetic.

    Silver tabletop mirror

    14. An eye-catching moon phase garland to perfectly frame your bed or your desk no matter what colors tie your room together. Also, I just checked your horoscope and it said there's a 100% chance of you loving these, so. Can't argue with that!

    Moon phase garland hanging from wall above a bed

    15. Or a set of mirrors that'll have you absolutely moonstruck. They'll fill out that wall you've been meaning to decorate while simultaneously reflecting your space and making it feel bigger!

    Moon phase mirrors hanging on a wall

    16. A pom-pom throw, which will add a little pop of color to your favorite corner of the room, and is soft enough to inspire some accidentally-on-purpose weekend naps.

    Yellow pom-pom blanket on a couch

    17. A moon nightlight designed to recreate the crater patterns from the actual moon. It also glows in 16 colors with five different stages of brightness — one small step for humankind, one major leap for your bedroom's decor.

    Moon light on stand

    18. A mini retro speaker that can wirelessly connect to your devices, so you can prop it on your nightstand and take calls or play music from it while you lounge in bed. Plus, it can operate on a rechargeable battery, so you can even take it out into the ~wild~ (not that you have any reason to leave, with a bedroom as chic as yours!).

    stack of mini retro speakers in blue, black, pink, green, and white

    19. A little LED lightning bolt you can hang above your desk in hopes that inspiration will strike. (We all know it's actually an homage to Harry Potter but sometimes it's fun to play pretend!!)

    20. A multilevel jewelry stand that is elegant and understated enough to complement a select few of your baubles, but also sturdy enough to hold the whole collection if you hoard jewelry like it's your job.

    Silver jewelry stand on a desk

    21. A set of satin pillowcases – not only will it look lovely on your bed, but it might actually help your 'do — fabrics like satin create less friction for your hair, which may spare you those first ten minutes you spend every morning trying to find your face out from under the tangles. Win-win-WIN.

    22. An oil diffuser that comes with ten essential oils, seven LED colors, and a timer feature so it can turn itself off after it has lulled you to sleep through the powers of aromatic mood lighting.

    Reviewer photo of the oil diffuser with the essential oils next to a rock salt lamp

    23. A cute lil' trash can sure to blend right into the decor, plus it comes equipped with an inside bucket with a hidden handle, so you can get rid of all those tissues you used low-key crying over Great British Bake-Off reruns with ease.

    Light pink trash can

    24. A crystal carafe that will give your bedside table so much elegance that you'll feel like you fell into an episode of Downton Abbey every time you wake up in the middle of the night and need to quench your thirst.

    Crystal carafe on a wooden table

    25. A laundry hamper so understated that it can basically hide all your gross gym clothes in plain sight. If your laundering needs are covered, you can also use it as a storage option for clean sheets and pillows.

    Woman holding the hamper

    26. A linen ottoman with ~secret storage space~, so you can de-clutter more corners of your room and kick your feet up on this baby to reward yourself when you're done.

    Person with feet up on a navy blue linen ottoman

    27. A snuggly pet bed for cats and small dogs that not only is built with high walls to give your furry friend more comfort and a feeling of security, but also comes in so many pretty colors that it'll be impossible not to find the perfect one to match your space.

    28. A Bonsai tree light that looks so fancy, it’ll make your next takeout and Netflix binge from bed feel like you’re enjoying room service at a five-star hotel.

    29. A mini fridge to store your skincare, snacks, drinks, or all of the above. This is a surefire way to make your bedroom that much ~cooler~.

    30. A trendy and affordable dried bouquet because keeping real flowers alive can be such a hassle, and this piece of elegant decor will last you wayyy longer.

    Dried bouquet arrangement in a white vase

    TFW your bedroom is so beautiful you may never deign to leave it again.

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