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    17 Reasons You Should Be Excited About "1UP"

    Hilarious ensemble? Check. Geeky Easter eggs? Check. Girl power? Check and check.

    So, the trailer for 1UP dropped last week, and as a gamer who loves comedy and badass women, I am extremely hyped! Check out the trailer below, and let me tell some of the reasons why this movie is going to be so much fun.

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    1. Let's start with this iconic cast, all of whom you have probably seen in something recently!

    2. Who wouldn't want to be coached about video games (and life) by Ruby Rose? I certainly would.

    Parker teaching a class

    3. Based on social media, they definitely became besties in real life, which is always a sign of great onscreen chemistry!

    4. In fact, all behind-the-scenes pics make it clear that this movie was the most fun to make.

    5. While there are many familiar faces, the movie might introduce you to some newer comedic talents to follow!

    DJ Mausner in "1UP"

    6. Also, this is the first ever movie about gaming that doesn't just have one token "gamer girl" side character or love interest, but a whole team of badass women.

    The 8-bits walk across campus together in "1UP"

    7. This isn't one of those movies where the characters are ~gamers~ but it feels fake AF. If you're a gamer or an esports fan, this movie is CHOCK-FULL of easter eggs and references!

    A collection of retro arcade games and cartridges in a tricked out game room from "1UP"

    8. Speaking of video games, did you know the game featured in the movie is real? It's called Fault: Elder Orb, and it's in beta now, releasing free-to-play in July.

    Screen shot from Fault: Elder Orb

    9. It's a MOBA, or for non-gamers, a "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena" game. Think League of Legends or Dota 2. But with more chickens, apparently.

    Closeup of a video game chicken

    10. Hopefully, this movie will inspire more women to get into gaming, and even reach the top competitive level of esports.

    Madison Baines in "1UP"

    11. There is humor everywhere in the movie, from broad comedy to subtle one-liners.

    DJ Mausner makes a lewd "lubing up" gesture at the Betas

    12. I mean, the sexist rival team is called "the Betas."

    The Betas make a face at the 8-bits from "1UP"

    13. The dudes aren't all bad though. Shout out to my guy Owen.

    Nicholas Coombe in "1UP"

    14. Some comments have already pointed out the similarities in humor to Pitch Perfect, and dare I say, this movie is going to do for college esports what Pitch Perfect did for college a cappella 10 years ago.

    The Riff-Off from "Pitch Perfect"

    15. Speaking of, there hasn't been a good college comedy in a while, am I right? College is objectively hilarious, and I want to see more movies about college hijinks.

    The 8-bits assemble in "1UP"

    16. I know I mentioned the cast already, but I just have to shout out how hilarious (and impossibly cool) Hari Nef is. I would watch her do anything.

    Sloane prepares to throw a dodgeball in "1UP"

    17. Finally, at its core, it's a heartwarming tale of friendship between five totally different women. Who doesn't need more of that in their lives?

    The 8-bits, wearing gaming headsets, celebrate a victory in "1UP"

    1UP will premiere on July 15 on Prime Video. Sign up now so you'll be ready to watch when it comes out!

    If you're in Australia and New Zealand, you're in luck! It's coming out a week EARLIER on July 8!