Here's Where You Know All The Cast Of "1UP" From

    From caped crusaders to judgy journalists, this cast has done it all!

    Attention gamers everywhere! 1UP, the hilarious comedy from BuzzFeed Studios set in the world of esports, is coming to Prime Video on July 15! If you've already had a chance to check out the trailer, you may have recognized a few familiar faces in the cast.

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    If you're looking for some other great stuff to check out before 1UP premieres, check out these shows and movies that the cast has appeared in!

    Screenshot from the film "1UP"

    1. Paris Berelc

    Closeup of Paris Berelc

    You might have seen Paris before...

    As Alexa Mendoza on Alexa & Katie

    Paris Berelc sits on a couch, talking with a young man.

    Or, as Liz in the Netflix movie Tall Girl

    Paris Berelc in glasses talks to a boy off-screen

    Or maybe even as Jessie De La Cruz in The Crew

    Paris Berelc in a pink sports sweater looking confused.

    2. Ruby Rose

    Ruby Rose with a buzz-cut, wearing a dark black blazer and white t-shirt.

    Some of Ruby's most well-known roles include...

    Stella Carlin in Orange Is the New Black

    Ruby Rose with a short haircut in a prison uniform.

    Calamity in Pitch Perfect 3

    Ruby Rose with two female bandmates.

    Ares in John Wick: Chapter 2

    Ruby Rose in a hall of mirrors.

    And Kate Kane in Batwoman

    Ruby Rose as Batwoman, with red hair and a mask.

    3. Taylor Zakhar Perez

    Taylor Zakhar Perez wearing a yellow jersey.

    You might know Taylor from roles like...

    Shane on Minx

    Taylor Zakhar Perez shirtless with a white hardhat on.

    Benji on Young & Hungry

    Taylor Zakhar Perez shirtless opposite Emily Osment.

    Or Marco in The Kissing Booth 2 and 3

    Taylor Zakhar Perez talks to a girl by a set of school lockers.

    4. Hari Nef

    Hari Nef in 1UP

    You might recognize Hari from her performances...

    As Bex in Assassination Nation

    Hari Nef snaps her fingers in "Assassination Nation"

    As Rabbi Jen in And Just Like That...

    Hari Nef in a formal outfit talking to Sarah Jessica Parker in a bathroom.

    Or as Blythe in You

    5. And Aviva Mongillo

    Aviva Mongillo in 1UP

    You might know Aviva...

    As Juniper on Workin' Moms

    Aviva Mongillo in a colorful shirt sitting in a chair.

    Or as Alya Kendrick on Backstage

    Aviva Mongillo with blonde hair smiling off-camera.