The Best Celebrity Pledges To See Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Tim and Eric are hard at work promoting their upcoming “Billion Dollar Movie.” Though it wasn’t all that well received at Sundance (due to the film’s rampant “nincompoopery”), plenty of celebrities have signed a pledge to see the film when it comes out in theaters everywhere. But not “The Lorax,” because it looks bad.

1. Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg

2. Paul Rudd

3. David Wain

4. Peter Serafinowitz

5. Elijah Wood

6. Bob Odenkirk

7. Michael Ian Black

8. Fred Armisen

9. Colin Hanks

10. John Hodgman

11. Karen O

12. Ben Stiller

13. Todd Barry

14. Seth Green and Matt Senreich

15. James Murphy

16. Weird Al

17. Paul Scheer

18. Josh Groban

Did I mention it’s available to download right now?

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