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    45 Lady Gaga Looks From 2013 To 2015 That Belong In A Museum

    A stroll down memory lane.

    Long before Lady Gaga settled into her fabulous Los Angeles villa featured in Vogue's "73 Questions," her home base was New York City and she would travel across the globe on her world tours, staying in lots of different hotels.

    Vogue / Via

    Between 2013 and 2015, Lady Gaga would serve INCREDIBLE fashion on her way to and from the hotels she stayed at, where Gaga's fans (aka Little Monsters) would wait outside to catch a glimpse.

    Mark Robert Milan / FilmMagic

    Honestly, such a massive production had to have been hard to keep up with, and I appreciate her dedication.

    Alan Chapman / FilmMagic

    Also, how she would always say hi and pose with her monsters! Your fave could never.

    And so, without further ado, here are some amazing moments from this era of Lady Gaga's fashion:

    1. When she looked like a high-tech businessperson from the future.

    Backgrid / Abaca / AKM-GSI

    2. When she dressed up like Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror" painting.

    Backgrid / FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet Pictures / Via, FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    3. When she wore a dress featuring "The Birth of Venus" with glasses that only Professor Trelawney would wear.

    Backgrid / FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet Pictures, Akif / Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

    4. When she wore this look I think Cher would approve of.

    Abus / Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    5. When she wore this bold number with a hat that — I'm sorry — looks like a bright-pink sperm.

    Neil Mockford / FilmMagic

    6. When she dressed up as an actual Christmas tree.

    Backgrid / FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet Pictures / Via, FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    7. When she wore this wild, furry getup that for some reason reminds me of chicken nuggets.

    STB /

    8. When she wore a giant "Mona Lisa" print.

    Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

    9. When she wore bold yellow stripes and sushi shoes and had bug eyes.


    10. When she looked like a mermaid out of water who was invited by a prince to watch a very proper polo match.

    Julian Parker / Getty Images

    11. When she dressed as what I can only describe as "electro nymph."

    Backgrid / AKM-GSI / Via

    12. When she wore this sequined number with neon hair.

    Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    13. When she half hid — like the way turtles retreat inside their shells — in whatever this is.

    Backgrid / AKM-GSI

    14. When she looked like she could be part of the X-Men.

    Backgrid / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    15. When she had a bangs moment (and we all do).

    Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    16. When she looked like a stereotypical girl from LA going to the weekend farmers market.

    Ramy / Ramey Photos / AKM-GSI

    17. When she wore sunglasses with tassels attached to the bottom.

    RMCL / AKM-GSI, Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

    18. When she wore a bright-red jumpsuit and seashell necklaces.

    Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    19. When she wore white gloves and peplum while kissing a golden rose.

    Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    20. When she had the sun on top of her head.


    21. When she served long, white hair in this comfy-looking coat you could fall asleep in.

    JosiahW / AKM-GSI

    22. When she wore this bold and oversize dress within a dress.

    Backgrid / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    23. When she wore a mechanical dress that produced actual bubbles.

    Backgrid / FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet Pictures, FameFlynetUK / FameFlynet / Via

    24. When she wore these pixel-perfect sunglasses that look like they fell out of The Matrix.

    Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    25. When she was inspired by tinfoil.


    26. When she served street style and showed off the tops of her thighs like it was nothing.

    Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    27. When her hair looked like it was ~on fire~.

    Xpus / Xposure / AKM-GSI

    28. When she dazzled in the brightest of pink.

    JosiahW / AKM-GSI

    29. When she wore this and somehow the sequins weren't the flashiest part of the look.

    Akif / Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

    30. When she dressed up her dog Asia as Yoda to complete her out-there look, but the costume didn't quite stay on Asia's head. (A for effort, though.)

    Leti / AKM-GSI

    31. When she wore this look, which feels like an '80s futuristic homage to Mickey Mouse.

    Keith Hewitt / FilmMagic, Ben Pruchnie / FilmMagic

    32. When she used her face as a canvas.


    33. When she wore this Keith Haring shirt and put Asia in a tiny matching tee.

    Chad Buchanan / GC Images

    34. When she wore a dress anyone would be lucky to walk down the aisle in.

    Backgrid / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    35. When she wore this oversize collar that made me wonder if she was doing some light cosplay as Mozart.

    Abus / Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    36. When she wore this casual "climate revolution" tee paired with a billowing skirt.

    Neil Mockford / FilmMagic

    37. When she wore rainbow platforms and matched her bag to her top.

    Xposure / AKM-GSI

    38. When she served a beige outfit with two-tone sunglasses.

    Abus / Abaca USA / AKM-GSI

    39. When she wore a golden headpiece bigger than her head.

    Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

    40. When she held a shell-shaped umbrella.

    Vantagenews / AKM-GSI

    41. When she paid homage to the UK with this royal-inspired getup.

    Backgrid / FameFlynet Pictures / Via, FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    42. When she wore this flowing white number and sunglasses that look like an acid trip.

    Alessio Botticelli / FilmMagic

    43. When she waved to her adoring fans in a poufy black-and-white number.

    Backgrid / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

    44. When she wore platform pearl shoes and looked a little bit like a movie villain who had just been shocked by electricity.

    Spartano / FameFlynet Pictures

    45. And finally, when she wore a black leather jumpsuit better than anyone I've ever known.

    Backgrid / Spartano / MaxNY / FameFlynet Pictures / Via

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