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Brangelina Is Probably Getting Married This Weekend

Plus: Robert Pattinson is also a cheater, Joseph Gordon-Levitt dislikes Anne Hathaway, Joe Simpson's DUI arrest, and more in today's CelebFeed Gossip Roundup!

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married this weekend! Or maybe next weekend! Or maybe not at all because they said they were waiting for marriage equality to happen in the US before they did the deed? Whatever. There is currently "buzz" around their French estate for a big event happening this weekend and George Clooney is in town (as well as their parents) so it has to be happening, right?


ROBSTEN IS BROKEN, DAY 17: Maybe we should all stop hating on Kristen Stewart for being a trampire because Robert Pattinson has had more than his share of flings with other women during their relationship. Oh, like you're even surprised to hear that.

They may have been all smiles for the camera during TDKR press tour, but sources say that down-to-earth Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually can’t stand his costar Anne Hathaway. Joseph says she’s always acted like an insufferable snob toward him and that the awkwardness got so bad between them during filming that whenever she’d walk into a room, he’d have to immediately walk out of it.

“He thinks she’s a good actress, but he just doesn’t understand her ego,” says our source. “Also, Anne was very dismissive of Joseph early in her career. She even turned down a couple of jobs where she was supposed to act opposite him.”

[Star Magazine via Celebitchy]

Is Tom Cruise working on his public image in hopes of getting full custody of Suri down the road?

Kim Kardashian has stopped taking her birth control pills in hopes of getting pregnant with Kanye's baby.

Olivia Munn scored a movie role by chugging beers once.

Daughter of Clint Eastwood, Francesca, had a party and Lindsay Lohan ruined it with her childish, diva behavior.

Ryan Lochte parties in a David Bowie t-shirt.

Is Naomi Campbell losing her hair?

Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer cheated on his fiance, Riley Keough, which is stupid because she's beautiful AND Elvis Presley's niece.

Conor Kennedy met Taylor Swift's parents so things MUST be serious.

This is what Kate Hudson looks like without makeup.

Derek Hough was seen at a Salt Lake City gay bar, thew a fit when a fan approached him for a photo.

Here's Evanna Lynch (Harry Potter's Luna Lovegood) cosplaying as The Hunger Games's Katniss. Fandoms collide!

Paris Jackson encouraged her twitter followers to attack her 14-year-old ex-friend.

Agyness Deyn's Catholic family
aren't happy about her marriage to Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi.

The latest celebrity to appear on Yo Gabba Gabba is Bill Hader.

Mischa Barton should probably wash her mouth after this photo op.

Oh, hell no: Rihanna and Chris Brown are currently in a relationship and about to go public.

Miley Cyrus's dog poops diamonds.

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