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16 Jokes From Sandra Oh And Andy Samberg At The Golden Globes

"First Man is also how studios look for directors." — Sandra Oh

1. When they called out Lady Gaga's "100 people in a room" story:

2. On Chris Pine:

3. On how they were chosen to host:

4. When they suggested that they'd find a host for the Oscars at the Globes:

5. On Jim Carrey, the painter:

6. When they faked everyone out and thought we'd get to see Jack Nicholson:

7. When they made this joke when talking about Claire Foy's nomination:

8. When they introduced Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki with this fun surprise:

9. When they zinged Dick Cheney:

10. When Sandra joked about her mother's disapproving facial expressions:

11. On Michael B. Jordan:

12. When Andy introduced some of his former SNL cast-mates:

13. On Darren Criss:

14. Sandra Oh's "burn" to Bradley Cooper:

15. Andy's off-color joke about A Star Is Born:

16. And finally, when Sandra Oh said this and Emma Stone shouted, "I'm sorry!" immediately after: