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7 Fab DIYs For Your Weekend Cinco De Drinko Fiesta

Wait a minute, who put Cinco de Mayo on a MONDAY? Forget that, we're celebrating all weekend, DIY style!

whimseybox 5 years ago

20 Dorm Room Decor DIYs

You turned your tassel from the right to the left and officially escaped high school alive. Congratulations! When you get to college you've got a whole new room to decorate! Start crafting and collecting pieces to turn your dorm into the most trafficked room on campus.

whimseybox 6 years ago

"Did Etsy Throw Up On You?": 19 DIYs For The Trendy 20-Something.

Ah, to be trendy and 20-something. The key to this look is to always appear as though you are utilizing that one graphic design class you took in college to create a style that screams "I'm dealing with my quarter-life-crisis one cup of coffee and Thought Catalog article at a time!" However, maintaining this image can be surprisingly expensive. Because most in this subculture are bogged down by student load debt and their ever-increasing love of organic foods and pricey alcohol, here are some DIYs to replicate the look for much less money.

whimseybox 6 years ago

Sun + Fun - 12 Outdoor DIY Project To Try

The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. And you are furiously gluing decorations to your new thrifted planters. We've got you covered with some outdoor D.I.Y.'s to transform your yard or patio into the place to be this summer.

whimseybox 6 years ago

12 Shady D.I.Y.'s

Your time in the sun has finally arrived, but you find your eyes a little squinty. Grab a glue gun, and get to work because you're going to make the flyest shades this side of the sun.

whimseybox 6 years ago

15 Pinspired Quotes To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Sometimes all you need is a kick in the creative-pants.

whimseybox 6 years ago